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Summer Palace in Zhuhai photo request

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Hi there. I am very interested in seeing some pics of the replica Yuanmingyuan (not sure if that is how you spell it) in Zhuhai.

Has anyone been there? Would you say it's a beautiful well-done job or cheap and touristy?

I'm interested in China's restoration of historical architecture. Watching some shows on CCTV, I'm horrified at how hideous reconstructed temples are.

I watched one show where they bulldozed an entire old temple complex to replace it with a new one, and the detail was frightening. Buddha statues with goofy looking faces and tacky rainbow colored dragon columns that looks like it was painted by a 3rd grade class. Traditional looking exterior with a dull box-like interior with foam ceiling panels!! Was the roof bracketing just for show? :puke:

They are not following the original plans at all.
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Firstly i've never heard of this replica in Zhuhai, maybe someone can post some pictures then i can give you my comments.

some historical restoration projects in China are horrible, but there are some good ones, for example the Leifeng Pagoda in Hangzhou.
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