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Over the past few days, the heat and humidity of summer has returned to New York City.

Who says New York doesn't have good architecture?

One of the greatest parks in the world:

One typical weekend afternoon in the summer, this is packed with people. Usually lots of good looking girls too...

The new 15 Central Park West finishing construction... wish I could afford a condo in here.

Back into the bustle of the City...

Side entrance to Time Warner Center:

The Trendy Hudson Hotel:

WTF? Only in New York...

The New York Times Headquarters peaking above Hells Kitchen tenements:

A spacious Manhattan parking lot:

Another "only in New York" project:

Storm clouds begin to loom...

Looking down 42nd Street:

Guess the building...

The storm begins...

The street activity goes subterranean...

Thats all for now... :cheers:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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