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Summerside, PEI: City Population (2001)-14,654; Census Agglomeration: 16,200

On my way home a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take my girlfriend on an alternate route through PEI, since she had never been there and I remembered very little from when I was there way back when I was too young to appreciate cityscapes of any kind, let alone small towns. We all know how much I like small towns now. ;)

This was a nice little city, about what I expected. Nothing over 4 or 5 storeys that I saw.

I wasn't thinking when I took that shot, I didn't get the actual map where we were in the frame. The main drag of downtown is Water St, and there's a waterfront road called Harbour Dr or something like that.

These first few are from the Harbour Dr side...main entrances are on Water St (ie-these are the "back" of the buildings, but the waterfront side)

Dominion Square...a former department store.

Don't know the significance of this mural, but I liked it.

Can't remember which hotel this is

This mural is kinda freaky

Now to Water St

The front of Dominion Square

A short detour off of Water St to head up to city hall
Never heard of a Fox Museum before

Summerside City Hall

Back to Water St
The new form of Downtown Revitalization...instead of corrugated steel, wooden lengths that look like vinyl siding.

The building revitalization forgot

Corrugated steel. :bash: With the shadow of the old sign.

There were a lot of chinese restaurants on PEI

One of the current tenants of Dominion Square

Coming to the end of the main drag

Didn't turn "snap to image" off on adobe... :runaway:

Former train station

Apartments on Harbour Dr

The end of Water St

Looking West down Water St (how you'd enter from the highway from Confederation Bridge)

The department store that is now Dominion Square

Harbour Dr Apartments from the waterfront

A bit of the waterfront

That's all from is Charlottetown...then Fredericton for a treat!

The good old days are now
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Nice shots.
I have lots of family in PEI, therefore I am at Summerside nearly every year. Not a bad place, but I definatley prefer Charlottetown (a really nice city for its size).
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