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(i know there's a thread or post about this but i cant find it. maybe moderator can move this there.)

the one that was badly copied from dubai's Burj Al Arab. when i say badly i mean BADLY. developer says it's supposed to resemble a luxury cruise ship. sure that makes total sense. build a hotel that looks like a cruise ship - on a lake! and it totally doesnt even resemble a ship!! since when have you seen a rectangular cruise ship? they should at least make it oval shaped instead of a typical square box. and they even plated that mast in 24k gold instead of an all white exterior. and each toilet is plated in gold and plays "music". sooooo tacky. look how badly it compares to the original in dubai. they cant even copy right. so sad!!! they never should've approved this. :eek:hno:

imo it's such an eyesore sitting so high on that hill overshadowing the lalu which is much more tastefully designed and located in respect to the natural environment. it would've been much better if they used natural materials and earth tones on the exterior like the lalu instead of glass/steel and white. it would've been cool if they designed a modern interpretation of an asian/chinese temple instead of all modern, mimicking the buddhist temples that dot the area. at least they should get rid of that gold mast, the building will look a bit more decent.
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