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Sungai Johor Bridge.
It is part of the Senai - Desaru Expressway.

Sungai Johor Bridge
Construction phase: 2006 - 2009
Status: under construction
Location:Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Structural Type: Cable-stayed bridge
Contractor: Ranhill Engineers and Constructors Sdn Bhd
main span: 500 m
total length: 1,708 m
height: 150 m

The Johor River Bridge or Jambatan Sungai Johor is a major bridge across Johor River on Senai-Desaru Expressway. The 1.7 kilometre cable stayed bridge connects Kong Kong in the west to Teluk Sengat in the east. When completed, it will become a major landmark of Johor and become the longest river bridge in Malaysia after Raja Pemaisuri Bainun Bridge (Sungai Dinding Bridge) in Perak.


Construction was led by Senai Desaru Expressway Berhad with a main contractor Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn Bhd.

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Sungai Johor bridge planned

BRIDGING THE GAP: An artist’s impression of the cable-stayed
bridge that would connect the Senai-Desaru Expressway.

JOHOR BARU: A journey that now takes more than two hours will take only 70 minutes with the completion of the RM1.7bil Senai-Desaru Expressway in 2008.

Construction of the 77km highway linking Senai to Pasir Gudang and Desaru, which started last year, is on schedule with 31% already completed.

Being built in two phases, the expressway will be opened to users in stages and toll collection will also start in stages.

According to Senai-Desaru Expressway Bhd (SDEB), concession holder of the expressway, the project will also feature a RM400mil 1.7km cable-stayed bridge over Sungai Johor.

“The bridge will be the longest cable-stayed bridge in the country when completed,” SDEB director Tan Sri Hamdan Mohamad said yesterday after a site visit to the project.

The bridge, which will use some 5,000 tonnes of steel, stands 45 storeys high.

It will have a 1.1km navigable span, allowing for the passage of ships and leisure boats.

The expressway will have five tolls plazas using a closed toll system at Senai, Ulu Tiram, Cahaya Baru, Teluk Sengat and Penawar, with the concessionaire given permission to collect toll until 2038.

It has been reported that the toll rates for cars and vans has been fixed at 13.6 sen per km for next year and will be increased to 14.96 sen per km in 2009.

Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said 20% of the traffic on the Pasir Gudang highway would move to the new highway.

“The expressway will ease the pressure on the Pasir Gudang highway,” he said.

The expressway, he added, would help develop the eastern region of the state by making it more accessible.

“The project will increase job opportunities as well as bring about greater tourism potential to all the areas connected by the expressway,” he said.

According to him, the project was originally planned in 1997 but was shelved due to the economic crisis then.

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Sungai Johor bridge
Record-setting central cable plan
More infos:

The Sungai Johor bridge is a cable-stayed bridge. The bridge is being built with cables in the central plane, extending just under 1,000 metres. It is the first time a bridge is being built with a central cable plane over such a long span.

Ranhill, the client, will be operating the Sungai Johor Bridge for 30 years as a toll bridge. After that, the government will take over the bridge.
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Senai-Desaru Expressway Bhd awaits nod for rates
By ZAZALI MUSA Friday July 31, 2009

Works on the 1.7km bridge over Sungai Johor which is part of the
77km Senai-Pasir Gudang-Desaru Expreswsway is progressing well.

ULU TIRAM: Senai-Desaru Expressway Bhd (SDEB), the concessionaire of Senai-Pasir Gudang-Desaru Expressway, recently submitted to the Government its proposal on the toll rates for the highway.

Chief executive officer Mustaza Salim hoped the Government would approve the proposed rates as soon as possible, as it planned to open the expressway before the start of the fasting month on Aug 22.

SDEB’s majority shareholder is Ranhill Bhd with an investment of RM430mil, or 65.6% stake. Islamic Development Bank Bhd holds 29% stake or RM190mil investment while Rancak Bistari Sdn Bhd and YPJ Holdings Sdn Bhd with RM24.5mil and RM10.5mil respectively.

“We assure motorists that our toll rates are much lower than the current rates at the North-South Expressway,’’ he told reporters during a media familiarisation tour yesterday.

The RM1.4bil expressway links Senai to Desaru in the eastern part of Johor and connects users to Pasir Gudang at the Tanjung Langsat industrial area via the Pasir Gudang interchange.

The 77km stretch will have six interchanges, four toll plazas and two rest and service areas.

Mustaza said next month’s opening would involve the 50km stretch from Senai to Cahaya Baru with a connection to Pasir Gudang.

He said the partial opening would reduce travel time from Senai to Pasir Gudang from one hour to only 23 minutes.

“We are looking at some 30,000 vehicles using the 50km stretch daily,’’ he said.

Mustaza said the remaining 27km of the expressway from Cahaya Baru to Desaru would be opened early next year.

This include the 1.7km single-plane cable-styled bridge across Sungai Johor which is one of the longest single-plane cable-styled bridges in the world with 500m span.

He said when fully opened, the expressway would boost tourism activities in Desaru, a popular holiday spot for locals and Singaporeans in early 1970s and mid-1980s.

The popularity of Desaru dwindled as it took over two hours to get to the 27km white sandy beaches from Johor Baru. The new highway will cut the journey to 45 minutes.

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New Johor stretch cuts travel time
2009/07/31 By Satiman Jamin

JOHOR BARU: The stretch of road in the first phase of the RM1.3 billion Senai-Pasir Gudang-Desaru Expressway will be open to motorists next month.

The Malaysian Highway Authority is inspecting the stretch to be opened, the Senai-Pasir Gudang stretch.

"The opening of our first phase of the project will boost economic activities in Iskandar Malaysia as Senai and Pasir Gudang are important economic hubs for the development region and Johor as a whole," said Senai-Desaru Expressway Berhad chief executive officer Mustaza Salim.

He said the new stretch would cut travel time from Senai to Pasir Gudang from one hour to 23 minutes.

"Thousands of commuters and commercial vehicles will benefit from it."

He said the proposed toll for the expressway had been submitted to the government and it would be announced once approved by the cabinet.

The expressway runs through the Sungai Layang catchment area, which is the source of water for the Sultan Iskandar Water Treatment Plant.

Hence, the expressway will be the first in Malaysia to utilise the Pollutant Removal System (PRS).

PRS is a drainage system with a special feature to stop pollutants from spilling into the water catchment area.

"In the event a vehicle spills dangerous or hazardous chemicals, the PRS will eliminate the possibility of an adverse impact on water quality near the expressway."

Mustaza said the second phase of the expressway, which links Kong Kong in Pasir Gudang to Desaru in Kota Tinggi, would be completed early next year once the bridge that linked Kong Kong to Tanjung Buai in Kota Tinggi was completed.

Also known as E22, the 77km expressway will be the third longest toll highway in Malaysia.

It will feature a single plane cable-stayed bridge, one of the longest in the world, over Sungai Johor.

When fully completed, the expressway will slash travel time from Senai to Desaru from more than two hours to 45 minutes.

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First Phase Of SPD Expressway Operational From August
July 30, 2009 18:27 PM

JOHOR BAHARU, July 30 (Bernama) -- The first phase of the 77km Senai-Pasir Gudang-Desaru Expressway (SPDE) costing RM1.36 billion is expected to be opened to traffic from August.

This new expressway will reduce travelling time between Senai and Pasir Gudang from one hour to only 23 minutes.

Initially, the expressway concessionaire, Senai-Desaru Expressway Bhd (SDEB), is expected not to charge toll on users.

According to SDEB chief executive officer Mustaza Salim, the first phase is a distance of 50km from Senai to Pasir Gudang with five junctions and two R&R areas.

"All this while, those going to Desaru from Senai would take up to two and a half hours, but using this expressway, the journey will be about an hour," he said today.

Mustaza had earlier taken a group of reporters on a visit to the first phase of the SPDE, which is currently under inspection by the Malaysian Highway Authority.

He said the second phase of the expressway from Cahaya Baru, Masai to Desaru was expected to be operational from 2010.

The SPDE project, also known as E22, started in July 2004 when the government handed the concession to SDEB to build the expressway to enhance the road network from the North-South Expressway to Pasir Gudang and Desaru.

The government also hoped that the new expressway could be a catalyst for development in the surrounding areas and facilitate travel for commercial vehicles who are now using the federal road from Senai to get to Pasir Gudang.

Overall, the SPDE has six junctions, four toll plazas and two R&Rs, and starts from junction 301, Senai and passing Senai Airport, Ulu Tiram town and Pasir Gudang and then straight on to Desaru.


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E22 Expressway Opening Soon

As part of Iskandar Malaysia, the E22 77km alignment starts from Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing (LINKEDUA) near the Exit 301 Persimpangan Senai and transverses across Senai Airport road (Route FR16), Ulu Tiram Town and straight to Desaru, it also connects the travelers to Pasir Gudang at the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Area via the Pasir Gudang Connector (PGC).

The E22 comprises of six (6) interchanges, four (4) toll plazas and two (2) rest & service areas. The E22 also features a 1.7km Single Plane Cable-Stayed Bridge across Sg. Johor. The bridge will be one of the longest Single Plane Cable-Stayed Bridge in the world featuring 500m main span.

The opening of the E22 will be separated into two (2) phases. The opening of Phase 1 is expected to be held in End August 2009. The length of Phase 1 of the E22 is approximately 50km, stretching from Senai to Cahaya Baru with a connection to Pasir Gudang. The E22 Phase 1 opening includes five (5) interchanges; (Utama Senai Interchange, Bandar Senai Interchange, Ulu Tiram Interchange, Cahaya Baru Interchange and Pasir Gudang Interchange) and two (2) Rest & Service Areas. The E22 Phase 1 is now in the process of inspection by Malaysia Highway Authority for approval prior to opening.

Meanwhile, the E22 Phase 2 is expected to be completed in early 2010. The Phase 2 is approximately 27km in length stretching from Cahaya Baru to Desaru, it includes the Single Plane Cable-Stayed Bridge across Sg Johor and ends at the Penawar Interchange.
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