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Sunland's D1 in Dubai (Dubai One) - Q1's big brother.

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Arggh, the pain of Sunland building a tallie outside of South East Queensland. And I hear it's a bit taller than Q1 as well.

Oh the inhumanity!

Still, considering how much Sunland love the Gold Coast, it's safe to say however big D1 will be, they will top it will Q2! No doubts there.

From various places around the net:

...D1, Dubai – Adjacent to the Palazzo Versace, Dubai, EIH and SGL will co-develop on a 50:50 basis a landmark freehold residential tower project named D1.

...Other projects include D1 in Dubai, a building modeled after an existing tower, Q1, in Queensland...

EIH and Sunland also have plans for a 600-unit residential tower in Dubai and Sunland is scouring the Middle East for other deals. "It is a very young market and we believe there is a lot of value we can add," Abedian says.

No pictures yet, but still now Emaar need to return the favour and build a Burj Dubai on the Gold Coast!:)
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so basically it's just a taller Q1...
i wonder if they wull put reflective glass like the first renders of q1 or the q1 glass on it
Oh dear. Another monster of a building in dubai...The skyline really is going to look like a huge jungle.
ur right centre i think, within 10, mabye 15 yrs, Dubai is gunna look like........hong kong???????, but without da mountains :weird: :weird: :eek:mg: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:
Hopefully the design of D1 will not be exactly the same (but taller) than Q1.

Up there today the entire floor smelt like garbage. The staff said they have been trying to fix it. Air is sucked up from the basement garbage bin/loading dock up the tower.
lol i walk past the q1 today and there was a line going out to the road today there doing really good buisness
Oh yeah they can, they own the copyright!;)

There's little doubt D1 will be better than Q1 since it'll be newer and invariably things get more advanced with time. You learn from you're mistakes.

Besides it's Dubai, they only have two type of glass, shiny glass, and 'my eyes! my eyes!' glass, so it'll no doubt be coated in super reflective glass and from what I've heard be about 15 or so floors taller to boot.

In any case, it'll be interesting to see what Q1 should have look like:p

But there is little need for concern since Sunland will always save their best tower for the coast, and however good D1 is, they will have something better lined up for the coast afterwards. In th meantime enjoy Circle and Soul going up!:)
Not sure, hard enough getting info on D1, but I'd say with the Circles wrapping this year, Sunland's next 'big' project on the coast will be 'Q2'. There is a thread in the GC section to read about Q2 news:
Hell no i don't want a replica of Q1 thats rediculous its an icon on the Gold Coast its unuiqe and is known around the world as the tallest resi tower on the planet at the moment :)
Please don't take it away from us, a replica especially a taller replica is a total ripoff for us :(
I don't see it as a big deal, Q1 is a icon but it's temporary, the title will go soon, I think the reason they are using it in Dubai (which isn't confirmed though, I mean the writer could have just assumed D1 will look like Q1) but even if it does look like Q1, it won't matter because Sunland will give us a new icon which will be way better than Q1 anyway:) You gotta remember no one loves the Gold Coast more than Soheil and Sahba, they got big plans.

I'ts like there will be Sunland's Palazzo Versace Dubai, I hear there will be others in places like Shanghai etc. But everyone knows the first one was was on the Gold Coast, same with Q1.
LA53R said:
Hell no i don't want a replica of Q1 thats rediculous its an icon on the Gold Coast its unuiqe and is known around the world as the tallest resi tower on the planet at the moment :)
Please don't take it away from us, a replica especially a taller replica is a total ripoff for us :(
You know dubai! They'll steal every building over 300m under the sun and plant it in their jumeirah resort by the next 10 years. :bash: But other than that dubai looks like a cool place.
^^ Dubai is not stilling anything, the same developer who build the Q1 thinks that Dubai deserve a taller one. So if anyone is to "blame", it will be the Q1's developer himself.
So has Q2 been announced yet? I sure hope i'm getting excited over plop...
Sunland signs deal to create Q1's sister
17May06 Gold Coast Bulletin

GOLD Coast development giant Sunland Group has signed a joint venture agreement with Arabtec, the largest construction group in the United Arab Emirates, to replicate its homegrown high-profile projects in the Middle East.

The company's international division Emirates Sunland Group will work with Arabtec to begin construction on the Palazzo Versace Dubai and D1 an 80-storey residential tower similar to the record-setting Surfers Paradise tower Q1.

Both projects will be built on the Culture Village site on Dubai Creek and are valued at about $400 million.

"The D1 will be the sister building to the Q1, just like Dubai is the sister city to the Gold Coast," said Sunland managing director Sahba Abedian yesterday.

"The concept of an iconic building that has some association with the Gold Coast and that is something of significance to the city is something we have wanted to introduce in Dubai for some time.

"The height of the D1 is not yet finalised and while it won't be identical to the Q1, there will certainly be some similarities in design," he said.

As the largest construction group in the UAE, Arabtec has more than 25,000 employees.

The group is now constructing 30 towers valued at $3 billion, ranging from 34 to 60 storeys, of which 16 are residential apartment buildings.

Arabtec is also a partner in the joint venture that is building Burj Dubai, set to be the world's tallest structure at 750m.

The agreement with Arabtec comes two months after Australia's richest man James Packer splashed out $70 million to buy 13 per cent of Sunland.

Mr Packer's Consolidated Press Holdings is interested in Sunland's offshore projects, particularly its Dubai ventures.
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Innovarchi architects on this one.

'Sunland's next, a $400 million big one in Dubai which, briefed to evoke the Sydney Olympic torch, looks at this stage elegantly Aurora-esque, its furled glass layers like "pearlescent veils on the edge of the desert" in Ken McBryde's words.'

Didn't know Soheil was Iranian.
Innovarchi just did the base from memory, the wrap around ribbons, Sunland's inhouse team Atelier SDG did the actual tower.

Sounds good though.

Anyway word from the Dubai folk is D1 is:

92 stories
Azure green.

Fark! I want it for the coast!
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