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Sunny old Spokane [WA]

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Far on the other side of Washington state from Seattle lays Spokane, and I had an hour or so Sunday to take some quick photos while I was passing through. Here we go...

1) Starting my jaunt

2) Spokane County Courthouse across the river


4) Spokane's shopping district - I am personally impressed by this city's ability to retain large department stores downtown when much larger cities cannot.

5) Art Deco: City Hall / Fox Theatre

6) Downtown Riverfront Park

7) Opera House & convention center

8) Massive expansion of their convention facilities along with a new large convention center hotel is eating up what was a huge parking lot. Good job.

9) Random downtown

10) This old hotel is being converted into apartments, a win for downtown

10) Speaking of hotels, the grande dame of old Spokane, the Davenport. First hotel in the US to be air conditioned I found out recently. The more you know...

10) I digress...a bit more random downtown

They sure knew how to mask a parking garage back in the day (!)

This was the hometown of a certain old crooner...

Glad someone is renovating this looker

I see so much potential in this city. That's all for now though...
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Wow, I was born and raised and Seattle but have very little impressions of Spokane. I agree, it has a lot of potential! Thank you for posting. I ve been inspired to drive east.
it looks beautiful and big city as well. I know this was once a world expo venue - .
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