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Pictures from me on these forums are long overdue, sorry to keep you all waiting so long. I had some time, it was a beautiful sunny spring day so I went out and snapped. I started at 23rd st. and made it to Times Square. This is the first part of two parts. The pictures are a bit too big, but it's all good.

Let's begin...

The Flatiron Building all H & M'ed, the lady on the ad is hot:

Urban landscape:

Guess the Building:

Nice colorful lowrise, anyone know what it is?

Undisputed King:

Closer look:

This is for my boy Swivle...

Tower 31 u/c...

Back to ESB:

Tower 31:

ESB looms:


This is how we do parking, NYC style:

Looking up towards Times Square:

Anyone interested?

St. Lunatics...

Better lock up...

The building everyone loves to hate, 1 Penn:

BOA Charlotte inspired?

How about this one J?


Now that's ghetto:

Three bros chillin'...

Headed towards Times Square...

That's all for part 1, part 2 should be up soon.

Part 2 can be found here.

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you're one lucky bastard to live in the greatest city in the universe. Must be a pleasure, waking up every day in this city, isn't it?

Just wandering around in the streets of new york when you feel like it, enjoying the crowd and the humble sounds of the city

btw, those parking lots in NYC are just hilarious, and people are paying 10 dollars an hour for it right? You'll make some good $$$ if you own a parking lot in NYC. I was just wondering, how do they get the cars on the top 'shelf' out of the parking lot?

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^well it looks nice on pics, it's a nightmare on the streets if you're a pedestrian and all the cars on 5th and the smell of fresh garbage and grit on the streets, it was horrible today in there.
but amazing pics, and the weather has been great for the last week, I'm glad someone thought of picking up his cam and doing a little tour, for me I always forget to take my cam when I'm around.
btw did you pass up by Herald Square? if so at what hour? I was at the DMV (damn bureaucracy) this afternoon, lol
EDIT: lol, about the parking, my friend that was visiting NYC asked the same question!

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nice updates!

haha...1 penn plaza is probably even wider than metlife. but i agree with patrick highrise - it looks nice from the narrow side.

looks like someone's finally using conde nast's rooftop billboard frame.
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