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nic158 said:
question: over they years we have all wondered if kilbourn and university club would look bad so close to each other. I was wondering as UC is topping out soon, what we all think.

I for one don't think it looks bad at all, i think it worked out quite well and the skyline from the lake looks 200% better than 3 years ago.
The Milwaukee skyline has been completely transformed with the two new residential highrises. The fact that they're so close together no longer worries me. In fact, I think the two buildings look great side by side. My favorite skyline view of the city is certainly from the east with these two towers in the picture.

For so long Milwaukee has had a spread-out skyline with no concrete "core." With the addition of University Club Tower and Kilbourn Tower, however, I think we finally have that skyline meat that's been missing.
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