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Supalai Premier Place Asoke-Petchburi | 35 Storey | Phetchaburi

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Name : Supalai Premier Place Asoke-Petchburi
Developer : Supalai Public Company Limited
Project Description : 35 Storey Condominium Tower
Location : New Petchburi Road, Next to former Japan Embassy. Asoke
Launch : 1Q 2011
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เห็นชื่อก็รู้ได้ถึง Render ว่าจะสวยงามแค่ไหน :tongue:
เห็นชื่อก็รู้ได้ถึง Render ว่าจะสวยงามแค่ไหน :tongue:
5555 เอารูปทำเลอื่นมาลงก็ไม่รู้หรอก
ที่ไหนก็เหมือนกันครับ ดีไซน์ตัดแปะอยู่แล้ว 555
Supalai should not come up with any more projects.
^^ Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
^^ Because it is so ugly.
^^ Because it is so ugly.
I agree it is ugly and I am not fond of Supalai Projects from an aesthetic angle, except its very first project on soi 39.

But looking at the bigger picture:

Take Supalai Premier on Asoke Road. Nothing to write home about, true! But if you are a co-owner at Siri Sukhumvit...that Siri building itself does not look much different than Supalai Premier.

I won't go into the details of aberrations I spotted during construction at Siri Sukhumvit.

Since Supalai is such crap! there is hardly any price appreciation between pre-sales and post-completion prices. So anyone can wait to see the final outcome before making a decision to buy.

Siri buildings are rife with problems: piping etc.... Many japanese agents won't take customers to these buildings and hate Plus Management.

With Supalai you know what you are getting and are not getting charged for higher grade you could never get anyways when dealing with Sansiri/Plus, since it's all a marketing ploy.

Supalai does not put up such front of sophistication and grandeur that Sansiri is consistently failing to deliver.

Supalai Premier has provided some affordable living in a good location for those who had the vision to buy there for living back in 2005, at the right time and price. Close to five years after completion, that area is booming, and is showing in solid rental prices.

Whereas rentals for units in Siri buildings are falling spectacularly (well soi 24 in general and more to come), Supalai Premier rentals have gone up and demand remains robust. It is only bound to get even better when Terminal 21 opens.

My feel is that the location next to the japanese embassy very closely resembles Supalai Premier's Asoke location six-seven years ago.

For some reason this market is completely blind to decent "underpriced" buildings in good up-and-coming locations.
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Are you working for Supalai?? 55555+ :D just kidding
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