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These are very beautiful pictures, thanks for posting.
wonderful, thanks so much
Wonder how it feels to be at sea on those freighters for months anyway, very impressive pictures there. Thanks.
couple of monsters here boys :eek:mg:

biggest ship ever built ^^

biggest ship ever , after reconstruction
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couple of monsters here boys :eek:mg:

biggest ship ever built ^^

biggest ship ever , after reconstruction
These are some biiiiig ships.

Sorry to state the obvious. Who owns these ships?
The first one is a Batillus class supertanker in construction at Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire (France). It was owned by Shell France. More pics :

The second is the Jahre Viking (now Knock Nevis)

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The 'berge nisa' , ex 'nisa'. the largest ship to sail into the river mersey, a whopping 322.000 dwts :nuts:

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Thank kennyrouge for the photo of ships from Liverpool. And I add a few ships from St. Petersburg.

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EOSEAS круизный лайнер будущего

круизные лайнеры "Costa Pacifica" и "Costa Luminosa"

пассажирский паром "Gotland"

круизный лайнер «Oasis of the Seas» на ходовых испытаниях

нефтеналивной танкер «Prairial» серии «Batillus»(Самый большой танкер в мире)

Контейнеровоз компании COSCO Conteiner Line

Десантный вертолетоносец Rotterdam

Контейнеровоз Atlant один из крупнейших кораблей в мире

Круизный лайнер серии Carnival Liberty

Флот Древнего Китая самый многочисленный в истории человечества

Самый большой газовоз в мире

военное судно «Sea Shadow»

авианосцы "Enterprise" и "Charles de Gaulle"

автовоз «Zenith Leader»

автовоз «Zenith Leader» на погрузке

контейнеровоз «Hamburg Express»

контейнеровоз «Hong Kong Express»

судно «Island Constructor»

скоростной катамаран

Судно Resolution

сухогруз «Pasha Bulker» сель на мель

линкор "Бисмарк" подлинное фото
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The Tall Ships Races 2009

The Tall Ships Races are held every summer in European waters. Each year the event plays host to between 80 and 100+ vessels from up to 30 countries, crewed by some 6-8,000 trainees from up to 50 countries, 3-4 million visitors and 300-400 media representatives in the four host ports. The young people take part in this unique event that combines four days of activities in each port with racing or cruising-in-company between ports. During the race series the young crews get the chance to gain experience by sailing with their contemporaries from other countries while facing the physical and emotional challenges that only the ocean can provide.

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