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Surabaya, Second Biggest City in Indonesia

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Surabaya is a 2nd biggest city in Indonesia. This is a capital city of East Java Province
tambah lagi old building-nya...he..he...

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Other Pict
A.Yani pukul 18.30

Ayo dihitung jumlah penghuninya.

Grand Waterplace Residence, Waterplace Residence, and de Residence at satnight, April 2011

Really need a tripod, 8 sec exposure time. What is the good one?
By dimasputra,sbyctzn, and OPTX
Suramadu, connect Surabaya and Madura Island
taken from

night in south surabya

a. Tol Waru - Juanda

b. Bundaran Waru - City Of Tomorrow

c. Pelangi park - Jalan A Yani

d. front of Surabaya Zoo

photo by didik witono
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please look at Indonesia Skyscrapers Forum in souht east asia :cheers:

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Thanks for photo :eek:kay:
Pict taken from Surabaya Toll Road
Crown Installment

by dimasputra
Tunjungan Plaza
Tunjungan Plaza

By dimasputra
Wow thanks all for you effort, ardi and arek ngalam.
Keep posting. We need your help to show up our city..
I'm amazed with this city...big and has a lot of modernity......In some points it reminds me Brazil
Thanks for your apreciation
Gelora Bung Tomo (50.000)
Eksterior GBT sudah rampung, tinggal pasang label Gelora Bung Tomo.

Inside Stadium
Habis acara peresmian langsung ditreatment lapangannya.

By sbyctzn
Wow thanks all for you effort, ardi and arek ngalam.
Keep posting. We need your help to show up our city..
Your Welcome, thanks for your photo :eek:kay:
Trilium Apartement (u/c)
Update (belum ada perkembangan)
Grand City Mall Surabaya
thanks buat infonya Van Koetai, nggak begitu kenal sama owner yang satu itu.
Kayaknya mereka rada males buat expansi dan ngembangin usahanya.
Btw, another nightshot penampakan gedung GCS mall and convex.
Perfect location, perfect design, perfect interior design....

Fresh, elegant, modern, luxury, huge...
By sbyctzn and Andrew_anthony
Beautiful and modern city.
Very interesting city. I like those high-rises!
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