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Survivor Stories: Naija

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Everyone has a whole gang of funny/interesting stories from when they were in or visited Naija. Na d **** up condition man see for eye mehn, lol. I don't know if you guys will be able to hang, i have the village advantage in that im in the village when i go to naija and everyday is drama.

I remember back in elementary school man, 2nd grade teacher used to whoop my ass. Every day. every fucking day just whooping my ass. She would lay a piece of paper in front of me, tell me the write english and give a sentence. The next thing you know she was breaking canes on my back and reloading

(you know how they flog you till it breaks, then go to the tree and pluck a fresh one and keep busting your ass, but the most painful part is waiting for them to come back and continue whooping your ass cause they have to make up for the lost time between your flesh and the tree. Can't run neither LOL!)

Finally i told my mom and my mom came to talk to her. my mom asked the bitch (the teacher was one of those traditional wicked women with facial hair) why she keeps whooping me.

the teacher goes "Tell her now!" to me
I go "Because I can't write in english"
My mom goes "He came here (Nigeria) when he was 3)
the bitches goes "But he SPEAKS english" LMFAO!

chie! stupid woman.
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oh my bad! didn't know
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