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A day and a half in Singapore en route to New Zealand!

Changi Airport MRT station.

Circle Line MRT station at Nicoll Highway

Welcome to a VERY wet Singapore at night.

The next day we went out exploring. This is Aliwal Street where we were staying. The hostel was pretty bad, though the staff were friendly.

Onto Beach road.

Pretty plantings. I love tropical plants.

View from the pedestrian overbridge.

The pedestrian overbridge. Very utilitarian.

Another view down Nicoll Highway.

Part of the skyline. Singapore definitely manages to have a good skyline from a lot of angles.

Nicoll Highway is a bit ugly, though.

As odd as it sounds, this type of grass is so strange to me. I'm used to the thin-bladed darker green grass, not this thick bladed waxy type grass.

MRT station entrance. I take it this area will be developed in the future as it is a bit empty now.

Skyline from a storm drain.

Lots of trees!

This building looks like an Australian 50c piece.

Seaside walk.

Apartments on the waterfront.

I think this is a stadium under construction?

That's it for now. I will be exploring the city centre, Orchard Rd, Chinatown, Marina Bay and the Botanic Gardens. This is all for the boring shots I hope, but I had to start where I started in the city! :lol:

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Next stage of our journey, heading to Orchard Road early in the morning.

Circle Line at Nicoll Highway.

MRT Train.

Outside at Orchard Rd.

Singapore is very green despite density.

Turtles in the middle of the city?

Gate at Istana Park

Very pretty flowers.

Decorations hanging from the trees.

The start of the commercial district.

Here the Christmas decorations get a bit much...

Roads off Orchard do not look so pedestrian friendly.

Bird says hi!

Christmas overload.

More of Orchard Road to come. :)

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Continuing down Orchard Road.

Some people are joining us walking around!

More crazy Christmas decorations.

Outside one of the more elite malls.

Crossing the road.

Time to get some breakfast.

Not much was open anywhere but Kaya Toast is at least a Singaporean classic with a very soft boiled egg and kopi! Yum! :D

Next lot are of Marina Bay. :)

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So, we press on with our journey around Singapore.

Outside Yun Kaya having had a good breakfast!

Cute red pandas on top of the bus stop sign!

Not what you expect to find in Singapore!

Shopping malls... So many of them.

Back to the MRT at Orchard Station.

The train. They are very wide in Singapore I noticed.

So here we are, it's skyscrapers galore time at Marina Bay!

Straining my neck!

View along the bay.

More shots of the rather impressive skyline.

Over the other side of the bay.

Walking into the mall.

That's it for this segment. More from Chinatown coming up.

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So here we go - the next lot of Singapore. Here we see Marina Bay Mall (empty) and part of one of my favourite area, Chinatown.

Starting at Marina Bay Mall.

Look, people!

Fancy shops weren't open yet, though. So perhaps that is why it is so quiet.

The "Venice" section... How twee.

Back to the MRT.

The North-East Line.

Some of the rules of the MRT. I love the "no Durian"! :lol:

Finally, here at Chinatown!

I honestly don't know why they built this ugly structure above the MRT, though. Why would they do this? It kinda spoils the area.

Interesting shopfronts.

I think this is a Indian Buddhist temple. If someone can correct me I'd be very happy on this one.

They charged for access to the temple. It wasn't impressive enough for the money.

This is it for today. More Chinatown to come including the Hawker centre of Chinatown.

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Next set from Chinatown.

Preparing Durian! Bit smelly, but I LOVE the taste.

Much busier and more attractive than the more modern parts of Singapore.

Back alley.

Some of the yummy desserts on offer. I really miss this kind of thing here in Stockholm.

Unattractive large road at the end of the district.

Mushrooms for sale.


That ugly road again.

The overbridge.

That horrid road again.


The hawker centre.

Demonstrating knife skills.

Chinatown station again.

On to the botanic gardens in the next set! :)
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