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Swanston Street, Collector's Melbourne

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Swanston Street, Marvellous Melbourne

Reloaded with much more!
Photographs taken over the past three years, enjoy. :)

From south-end to north-end

Part 1

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Part 3

Three businessmen who bought their own lunch.

The city centre has benefited from people making it their home, bringing it back to life at all hours so it is no longer just the business centre of a dormitory metropolis. There are now fewer dead parts to the city. Relaxed licensing laws have resulted in a proliferation of small bars, cafes and restaurants that keep the city active.

Norman Day, May 2008

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^^^ What he said.

Love Capt. Flinders with the seagull on his head. Also love the contrasts that Swanston St has to offer, nice pics!
**** i love melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol, that's just one street, much, much more to come! ;) :)
Great work there Collector! Nice hit of Melbourne there to ease my withdrawal symptoms (been over a year now).
Love your work Collector, your threads are always a real treat!
good stuff, lots of nice shots there, wheres the bar you posted pics of?
You capture what our city 'really looks like', beautifully unique. I noticed some would have been taken in winter and summer.
I spent a day in Melbourne 3 weekends ago and loved every second of it. These pictures show why!

Absolutely stunning and dynamic and elegant! Melbourne is a proper city.
Marvelous Melbourne. I didn't know Brunetti had an outlet at City Sqaure, cool!!

Great pics :cheers:
Great job Mr C!
I've spent a few days now just scrolling up and down the street. :D
good stuff, lots of nice shots there, wheres the bar you posted pics of?
The bar is on top of Curtin House, read below...

Text by Rachael Wells.

Curtin House
252 Swanston Street

Everything about this unassuming six-storey building - once home to the Communist Party of Australia (until it was raided in the 1940s) - exudes cool. The brainchild of Tim and Sally Peach, Curtin House is now home to the Cookie bar and restaurant on level one, live music venue The Toff in Town on level two, the Metropolis book store on level three, fashion boutiques Someday (three) and Order & Progress (three), savvy web developer Tundra (six) and publisher Barrie Barton's We Are Hunter, Right Angle Publishing and his uber-cool rooftop cinema.

My own photographs below.

Curtin House is often referred to as a 'vertical laneway', it was built in the 1910s from what information I found, and originally named the Tattersalls Building with a gentleman's club inside.

The rooftop cinema is open during summer and a bar thoughout the year, the Metropolis book store is always worth a visit as well. :D
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Swanston Street lit up for Melbourne’s Centenary celebrations in 1934.

The decorated intersection of Swanston and Flinders Street during Queen Elizabeth II visit in 1954.

Opposite the City Baths in October 1959.

The corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets with W3 class tram in foreground in October 1959.

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Good on you collector, might have to head down there tomorrow to throw a few pots back if weather permits
Main text from Walking Melbourne
The National Trust guide to the historic and architectural landmarks of central Melbourne

City Square
Corner Swanston and Collins Street

Melbourne’s citizens longed for a central public space for decades, and this corner was finally chosen in 1966. The wonderful 1890s Queen Victoria Buildings were replaced by a square of grass in 1968, which immediately became the site for protests against the Vietnam war. A competition winning design across the whole block by Denton Corker Marshall was opened by HM the Queen in 1981, but was dogged by controversy and perceived failure. A bright yellow abstract sculpture Vault, was controversially removed, the shops were too hidden, the ubiquitous bluestone did not endear, the water features were charming but noisy, so after 20 years, the City Square was demolished, Half the area was given over to an enormous hotel and apartment complex in 2001, and the square reduced to a very simplified, and little used, open space.

In the mid 1960s the Melbourne City Council decided to reserve the whole of the Swanston Street frontage from Flinders Lane north to Collins Street for a civic space in the heart of the city. One by one the properties were bought and demolished.

Most of what you see in the pic below was lost to make way for the City Square.

If the above shot took you south down to Flinders Lane, you would have had the Cathedral Hotel first , then moving north (left in pic), a five storey structure known as Green’s Buildings, then a very exotic oyster and fish shop known for many years as Wise’s Café. A feature of the next building north was an attractive little arcade known as Queen’s Walk with one entrance from Swanston Street and the other from Collins Street. At the angle to this arcade, about 1926, a new business opened. It was known then as the “Victorian Travel Agency and Motor Tourist Bureau” and the address was 15 Queen’s Walk. Years later the name was changed to the “Government Tourist Bureau”. At the south-east corner of Swanston and Collins Streets was the Victoria Building of four storeys.

Part of Swanston Street’s square of grass below, facing Melbourne Town Hall in 1967.

A few shots of the DCM designed City Square below, 1980s.

After demolition in the 1990s, it was replaced with the Westin Hotel and apartments and a City Square half the size it used to be.

Six of my own below.

Brunetti’s, one of te best things about the new City Square

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Some great old postcards of Swanston Street, enjoy! :)

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