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Metro Arkitekter's design for new building at Helsingborg Central Station

In spring 2010 Metro Arkitekter were invited by the city of Helsingborg to participate in a parallel assignment for the renovation and expansion of Helsingborg Central Station ('Knutpunkten'). With the expansion of the platforms to the south, the new entrances will have a unique position in connection to the City Park. The pervading train tracks will be placed below ground south of the station, offering a connection with the new city district, H+.

The architects suggested a new station building, shaped as a sculptural and light roof, in this location. The station walls will be built of non-reflective glass so that users, from all locations, have a visual connection to the park area and the different types of transportation - transparent and easily navigated.

Architecturally, the station is different in comparison to the adjacent city blocks: instead, the inspiration is taken from the neighbouring park. The new structure can be seen as stylised trees which branch out above the platforms. Unlike today’s station, where trains live a secluded life underneath an office complex, the new station has its own individual identity, just like the old station, which was located in the same place. The new station will thus be an identity-building and unifying node, not only for the station area, but also for Helsingborg.

The building body is a steel construction, the top of which is covered with glass and solar cells, gathering energy during the day and emitting light during the night, so that the entire structure is perceived as luminous. The bottom is clad with perforated aluminium with varying amounts of perforation, providing intricate strains of daylight down into the station.

The roof and pillars get a cohesive expression in material, but in the pillars the perforation is more frequent, allowing plants to grow inside. With time, the roof will be perceived as a big floating slab above these vertical, green sculptures. Storm water is passed into the pillars and filtrated in water basins to the west of the station.


WOW, I really hope that this buildings will be build, cause Knutpunkten is really a stinky shitty hellholestation, it really needs to be refreshed. But to be honest, I doubt that this project will be realized. :( The city is already thinking about canceling the project-tunnel between Helsingborg and Helsingör, and now this pops up too. Helsingborg dont got the money for these large projects. So I strongly doubt. :(
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