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Wingårdh Arkitektkontor completes new venue in Jönköping

Spira is twisted as a spiral to catch the attention of the eye as well as the body; transparent, to turn every side into a front; compact, to be efficient and sparse; meandering, to create expectation.

The performing arts centre Spira in the city of Jönköping is a regional scene for music and theater in the southern part of Sweden. It is a culturally vivid part of the country, but the performing arts have not had a permanent stage so far. Wingårdh's proposal is a result of a winning competition from 2005 and the house was inaugurated on 11/11/11.

The building is tall, expressive and controls the surroundings of the man-made peninsula in lake Munksjön. The communicative approach is enhanced by the semitransparent façade, on which current programs can be displayed. The bright and curved walls give the building an ephemeral character that relates to the arts that are being performed inside.

The building is designed for rather small audiences, but in many different spaces. The concert hall seats 910, and a smaller theater is designed for 420 people. There is also a multistage, a café stage and a restaurant. All stages are on the same level, providing maximal accessibility for wheelchairs as well as transportations backstage. The characters vary from a deep green serenity of the largest saloon, to the acoustical flexible structure of the multistage.

The narrow but long foyer is a fluid space, all covered in pine, the local wood. It follows the curved line of the building and provides shifting views over the lake outside. The space ends with the café stage. In wintertime the warmth of the interior will make the building glow. In summertime, the foyer opens up to the terraces outside.

The cool, austere glass façades are bound together by warm bands of orange. As the sun sets over the lake, the coloured glass heightens the festive atmosphere of the foyer. The warm light mingles with the din of people coming up from the coat check. The doors of expectation beckon in bright colours. In the darkness beyond them, life is once again about to rise to a dramatic crescendo.


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Great to see a thread dedicated to projects in Sweden! :eek:kay: Actually, it is quite a lot work to do to describe the larger projects as there are plenty of them planned and being realized nowadays.
If talking about 'Spira', it is a really good-looking object which suits the surrounding environment well.
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L’Oreal Office in Stockholm | ? m. | 6 fl.

L’Oreal Office

A proposal by IAMZ Design Studio of the Products Company building for a new french beauty brand L'Oreal office in Stockholm.
The building will occupy 600 sq. m. and be 6 floors high.

The architect is Ahmed Elseyofi.

Concept: There is no main concept of the shape , but we try to show the idea through the lines and holes on the elevations taken from water's shapes under sun , that with the organic shapes put the feeling of movement which reflect the spirit of the natural beauty of the company products, which makes the customer more beautiful and freshness.
IAMZ Design Studio
Ahmed Elseyofi
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The interior of the creative office of an independent video game developer 'Mojang AB' (mostly known as the creators of 'Minecraft'). The 'Mincraft Office' was established in 2012 and was nominated as one of the most creative offices in Sweden:









The address is Maria Skolgata 83, Södermalm, Stockholm.

More information: Mojang,
Swedish Music Hall of Fame/ABBA: the museum

ABBA Museum par Mike Licht,, sur Flickr

Yesterday a new a new exhibit venue, Swedish Music Hall of Fame, has been officialy innaugurated in Stockholm.
ABBA’s collected works will be showcased in a contemporary, interactive setting at Swedish Music Hall of Fame, a new exhibit venue located at Djurgården, Stockholm. Three (of four) members of the legendary group participated in the innauguration ceremony. Some highlights and interviews from the event:

Björn Ulvaeus ir Loreen


More information:,,
A new student apartment building to be built in Gothenburg:

What that, another highrise? :cheers:

Sverige & Projekt with a jaw dropping blog entry about a planned highrise at Chalmers. 20+ floors, 250 apartments, offices, gym, completed 2015.

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A few pictures of the renovated interior of Stockholms Central station (by Jernhusen). The work is not finished yet:

Stockholms-Centralstation-130619_0137 by Jernhusen, on Flickr

Stockholms-Centralstation-130619_0143 by Jernhusen, on Flickr

Stockholms-Centralstation-130619_0105 by Jernhusen, on Flickr

Stockholms-Centralstation-130619_0147 by Jernhusen, on Flickr

Stockholms-Centralstation-130619_0173 by Jernhusen, on Flickr
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A new stadium with a retractable roof 'Tele2 arena' in Stockholm has been officially inaugurated on 24th of August. :banana:

tele2 arena by freddie boy, on Flickr

Tele2 Arena par Joel Edegran, sur Flickr

The capacity of the stadium ranges from 30.000 to 45.000. This is the second new stadium built in the urban area of Stockholm during the latest four years. The largest stadium/arena in Scandinavia, 'Friends arena', was opened last year.
Stockholm's newest stadium with a retractable roof 'Tele2 arena' at night:



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European Spallation Source (ESS)

Henning Larsen Architects, COBE and SLA have won the international design competition for the European Spallation Source (ESS), in Lund, Sweden. ESS will become the world's largest and most advanced facility for neutron-based research. The team also includes the engineering comapnies Buro Happold, NNE Pharmaplan and Transsolar.

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Aula Medica, Hagastaden, Stockholm

Aula Medica is a 1.000-seat auditorium, Karolinska Institutet's new lecture hall complex which enables the university to arrange major public events, such as the Nobel lectures, which attract audiences from around the world.
Wingårdh has designed the building, the form and geometry of which contrasts with the traditional low-rise brick buildings on the campus. It is situated along Solnavägen opposite the new university hospital. With its central location and geometric form, the lecture hall complex opens up the campus area to the main public thoroughfare.
An environmental programme has been produced to ensure a green build. Highly energy-efficient solutions have been devised following investigations into choices of system. For example, the carcass of the building comprises triangular elements that form an airtight, energy-lean façade.

Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet by pellesten, on Flickr

Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet by pellesten, on Flickr

Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet by pellesten, on Flickr

Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet by pellesten, on Flickr

Some older pictures:

Facts - lecture hall complex

Name: Aula Medica
Location: On the far east side of the Solna Campus along the Solnavägen thoroughfare, behind Gammelgården
Function: Symposia, lectures, ceremonies and administration
Number of workspaces: Approximately 90 offices, a 1,000-seat auditorium and 100 conference seats
Property company: Akademiska Hus
Architect: Wingårdh Architects
General contractor: NCC Construction
Commencement: September 2010
Completion: October 2013
Premises space: Approximately 10.000 sq. m.

This is a next new building opened in the entirely new, medical science oriented, district of Hagastaden that will be a junction between the Inner Stockholm and Solna.
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That is quite a tough question to answer. :D

Untitled by axel.cullberg, on Flickr there anything the Swedish CAN'T do?
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Emporia - best shopping mall in 2013

During the annual World Architecure Award (WAF) 2013 which take place in Singapore, the shopping mall "Emporia" was proudly rewarded the first prize within the category "Completed building: retail". WAF is the world´s largest festival and live awards competition dedicated to global architectural excellence.

Hyllie, Malmö

Hyllie centrum. Vy mot Lindeborg i öst. by Hyllie centrum, on Flickr

Molten Blue Emporia by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr

Blue Emporia Skylight Entrance III by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr

Shark Fin Emporia by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr

Molten Emporia I (CV) by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr

IMG_5074 by Linnea Delén, on Flickr

Emporia, Malmö, Sweden by Kristian Ohlsson, on Flickr

Emporia by Tomas Van Dalen, on Flickr

Location: Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden,
Architect: Wingårdh‘s
Year of completion: 2011.
The construction site of Kulturväven complex in Umeå city, Västerbotten County:

Caught by Umeå

The Swedish town of Umea is set to become Europe’s capital of culture next year - and to celebrate, the city has created a dazzling ice block building that captures the awe-inspiring spectacle of the northern lights! The translucent space reminiscent of the aurora borealis will be touring Europe in the coming months for the Caught by Umea exhibition. After all, how best to celebrate the town’s forthcoming honor than by encapsulating the northern lights for the rest of Europe to enjoy!
Throughout the Caught by Umea exhibitions artists will create impermanent ice sculptures all over Europe. Giant blocks of ice will be placed in strategic locations around each city the exhibition visits, expressing a kind of message – a frozen note, a sculpture, or even a QR code. These blocks of ice will lead to a large central meeting place filled with exciting experiences related to Umea and northern Sweden.
Organizers from Umea are going to great lengths to form “co-creative” partnerships and inspiring initiatives between countries for the tour. Each artist exhibiting during the tour has been selected as finalists for a competition, and a panel of experts from each country will pick national winners that will be exhibited in Umea in 2014.

In Copenhagen

In Spain

Sources (information and pictures): Caught by Umea,¥-tour-in-warsaw-poland/?extend=1, Facebook.
Juvelen, Uppsala

Juvelen will be the next most sustainable office building in Scandinavia. Some pictures of the winning proposal for the architecture competition which was proposed by Utopia Arkitekter and Skanska:




More information:
Barnhusbron, Stockholm

A new vision..

Norrmalm and Kungsholmen, Stockholm

En vision (..) om en ny bro mellan Norrmalm och Kungsholmen eller som arkitekten beskriver det snarare en tunnel.

(c) Urban Future Organisation

(c) Urban Future Organisation

More information: Urban Future Organisation, Stockholm & Projekt.
Vision: Bremen Tower

Bremen Tower
Värtan, Östermalm, Stockholm

A new tower may be built in Värtan, Norra Djurgårdsstaden [a newly built area], Stockholm. The building is supposed to be 32 floors high, divided by sections (4 floors each). The lowest section would be reserved as the office space and the rest would be a residential area. An open to everyone skybar is planned to be constructed on the uppermost floor.

The architects are: Humlegården Fastigheter och 3XN Arkitekter.

34.000 m2


More information: 3XN, Humlegården, Stockholm & Projekt.
Under construction: Hobbit village

Hobbit village
Muskö, Stockholm archipelago

Muskö island will house 30 huts resembling Bilbo Baggins’ dwellings, using natural building materials to create an eco-friendly community.
Sweden-based British entrepreneur John Higson plans to build a hobbit village on his property on the sleepy island of Muskö. “I’ve always been fascinated by different, weird-ish houses,” he says.

A real-life hobbit village will soon be nestled in the lush forests of a Swedish island, a whimsical housing scheme billed as the first of its kind — but behind the fantasy gimmick lies a genuine interest for sustainable development.
The Swedish hobbit village will keep the notion of natural materials and soft, round shapes: the windows, doors and walls will all be curved.
Yet the houses will be slightly more up-to-date, built for city-dwellers longing to retreat to nature on weekends and holidays.
Natural building materials from the area will also be used, such as timber, stone, sand, clay and grass. Energy efficiency will be a primary goal, so heating will come from solar power and wood-burning.
The village is not targeted at fans of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings — rather, it is intended to appeal to those who care about the environment and want to live close to nature.
The island’s first hobbit house is scheduled to be ready in the middle of next year, with the village completed within a few years.

More information:,
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Folkkungagatan/Londonviadukten (Södermalm) | Ferry terminal Timber Tower | ? fl. | Pro

Urban Future Organisation suggest to build a wooden highrise in Södermalm island of Stockholm.

The architects are Urban Future Organisation.

Year: 2014

Sources: Urban Future Organisation, Stockholm & Projekt.

Perhaps, no more details are known as of yet.
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