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Wingårdh Arkitektkontor completes new venue in Jönköping

Spira is twisted as a spiral to catch the attention of the eye as well as the body; transparent, to turn every side into a front; compact, to be efficient and sparse; meandering, to create expectation.

The performing arts centre Spira in the city of Jönköping is a regional scene for music and theater in the southern part of Sweden. It is a culturally vivid part of the country, but the performing arts have not had a permanent stage so far. Wingårdh's proposal is a result of a winning competition from 2005 and the house was inaugurated on 11/11/11.

The building is tall, expressive and controls the surroundings of the man-made peninsula in lake Munksjön. The communicative approach is enhanced by the semitransparent façade, on which current programs can be displayed. The bright and curved walls give the building an ephemeral character that relates to the arts that are being performed inside.

The building is designed for rather small audiences, but in many different spaces. The concert hall seats 910, and a smaller theater is designed for 420 people. There is also a multistage, a café stage and a restaurant. All stages are on the same level, providing maximal accessibility for wheelchairs as well as transportations backstage. The characters vary from a deep green serenity of the largest saloon, to the acoustical flexible structure of the multistage.

The narrow but long foyer is a fluid space, all covered in pine, the local wood. It follows the curved line of the building and provides shifting views over the lake outside. The space ends with the café stage. In wintertime the warmth of the interior will make the building glow. In summertime, the foyer opens up to the terraces outside.

The cool, austere glass façades are bound together by warm bands of orange. As the sun sets over the lake, the coloured glass heightens the festive atmosphere of the foyer. The warm light mingles with the din of people coming up from the coat check. The doors of expectation beckon in bright colours. In the darkness beyond them, life is once again about to rise to a dramatic crescendo.


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Varför på första sidan finns det bilder som du inte kan se?
Slottsmöllan tegelbruk
Slottsmöllan, Halmstad, Halland county

Some new housing units may be built in the former industrial area of Slottsmöllan (redeveloped) in Halmstad city. The height of the highrise buildings should be 16 floors.

The architect is White Arkitekter:

From White Arkitekter website:

Ett helt nytt bostadsområde planeras på före detta tegelbrukstomten vid Slottsmöllan i norra Halmstad. Tre höghus bildar tillsammans port och ett tydligt landmärke vid ankomst till staden från norr.
According to information presented in the official website of Halmstad, the project has reached the stage of plansamråd.

More information: White Arkitekter, Halmstad.
Glasvasen - a new office building in Malmö (U/C)

The construction work of a small, but nice office building 'Glasvasen' has started in Nyhamnen, Malmö:

Bild: Jernhusen

Bild: Jernhusen

Bild: Jernhusen

Bild: Jernhusen

Bild: Jernhusen

Bild: Jernhusen

Bild: Jernhusen

Glasvasen in facts:

6 000 sq. m. office
1 000 sq. m. retail
App. 500 new workplaces.
Architect: Kanozi Arkitekter
Prem. date of completion: nowember 2015.

Sources: Jernhusen,

This project is a part of a larger (re-)development project in central Malmö which is called 'Nyhamnen':


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Helix (roller coaster), Liseberg (Completed)

Helix is a steel roller coaster located at Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden. The ride, built by Mack Rides, features two linear engines and has a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph).
The roller coaster's station building is located where the 3D cinema Maxxima used to be, by the foot of the tower Atmosfear. The 1-381-meter-long track follows the hillside in a custom made track design. The estimated cost for the project is about 239.000.000 Swedish kronor or about $36.000.000.
This is a German-Swedish project the aim of which was to introduce the best-experience roller-coaster in the Eoropean market.

Längdgräns: 130 cm
Antal kuponger: 4 st
Tillverkare: Mack Rides
Åktid: ca 2 min
Höjdskillnad: 52 m
Banans längd: 1 381 m
G-krafter: 4,3 G
Tyngdlöshet: 3 gånger
Inversioner (upp och ner): 7 gånger
Topphastighet: 100 km/h.


More information:

The construction of another, fastest wooden roller coaster with a tilt of 83 degrees Wildfire, to be located in Kolmården Wildlife Park started this spring. Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction (JAV). To be finished in 2016.

An off-season test ride of Helix roller coaster (premiered April 26th, 2014) at night in Liseberg amusement park, Gothenburg, Sweden:

This is a result of the Swedish-German cooperation in developing the best-experience roller coaster in Europe, which was officially premiered on April 26th, 2014.
The one can see some fragments of the Gothia Triple Towers hotel comlex (which was rennovated and expanded with one more tower) in the video, as well. :cheers:
Tele2 arena - Venue of The Year

One of the two newest stadiums of Stockholm was awarded TheStadiumBusiness Awards Venue of The Year award. It is the main prise in the annual TheStadiumBusiness Awards that take place in London. The aim of these awards is recognise achievement, innovation, fresh thinking and the leaders in the world of stadium, arena and sports venue management, raise industry standards and encourage greater professionalism and drive awareness of the stadium, arena and sports venue sector.
The sports event of the year: Ishockey-VM i Ericsson Globe (Sweden). Won against such events as Super Bowl in Superdome, F1 Grand Prix in Silverstone, etc.

tele2 arena par freddie boy, sur Flickr

More information:,
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Gina Tricot HQ building in Borås, Västra Götaland County (built in 2009 or so):

Ginatricot par Josip Bogic, sur Flickr
230m Polestar Tower to act as a catalyst for future development in Gothenburg​

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) with Copenhagen architects Entasis, and COWI Denmark and COWI Sweden have been announced as winners of an international design competition to conceptualise the tallest building in the Nordic region. The winning design for the Polestar Tower reaches 230m in height.

The competition was initiated by contractor SERNEKE and the City of Gothenburg to generate a residential-led mixed-use skyscraper that would act as a catalyst for future development in the area of Lindholmen. The successful design incorporates flats, loft-style apartments and duplexes with each unit benefiting from its own private balcony.

These residential units will be supported by a lounge, gym and roof deck to be shared by all residents, alongside a public restaurant and observation deck. The skyscraper takes inspiration from ‘ribbons blowing in the wind’ and will be blended into the district with a wider masterplan that integrates ‘a new cluster of taller structures’ to provide context.

A jury comment on the selection of a winner reads: “[This is] an identity-building proposal that takes a smart overall grip on both the skyscraper and urban environment. The proposal integrates the local environment into a whole that allows for a vibrant urban environment. The skyscraper’s distinct identity adds character and vitality to Lindholmen and will be Gothenburg’s new landmark and pride.”

In addition to the main competition proposal, SOM has created plans for a landscaped ring which connects important sites within Gothenburg in light of the city’s 400th anniversary in 2021. This scheme also includes the creation of a new park through the realignment of Lindholmsallén.

Kent Jackson, Design Director at SOM said: “We are very excited to have won this prestigious competition and will be pleased to deliver a great design and city district for the people of Gothenburg.”
Will be one of the best in Europe!!^^
The proposal ”Drivhus” by Urban Design & Selgas Cano won the architecture competition for Tekniska nämndhuset, Söderstaden, Stockholm. They proposed an interesting environmentaly-friendly development project.

Alviks Torn | 17fl. | Alvik, Stockholm | U/C

A new living house is under construction in western part of Stockholm:

20140518_0122 par Ove Ronnblom, sur Flickr

Stockholm at night, April 2014 par felix_winkelnkemper, sur Flickr
3XN (Denmark) won architecture competition for the project of a new unersity campus which will be constructed in Eskilstuna city. The total area of the project is 18.250 sq.m.


More information: 3XN vann tävlingen om MDHs nya campus
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Nejlikan 3, Borås

Project: Nejlikan 3,
Location: Borås, Västra Götaland, Sweden,
Height: 21 fl.,
Use: Residential building,
Constructor: Hökerum Bygg AB,
Architects: Frenning & Sjögren arkitekter,
Status: Completed,
More information and pictures:

Borås_140904-4546.jpg by, on Flickr

Borås_140904-4307.jpg by, on Flickr
Landmärket Brygguden, Karlstad

Project: Bryggudden etapp 1,
Location: Bryggudden in Karlstad, Värmland, Sweden,
Height: 60 m., 20 fl.,
Use: Residential building (bostadsrätt),
Constructor: Uddprojektet Ett AB,
Architects: Wingardh Arkitektkontor AB and Bergfjord & Ivarson Arkitekter AB
Status: Completed,
More information and pictures:

Cityscape par Appe Plan, sur Flickr

Karlstad Building Complex par Martin Westman, sur Flickr
Kulturväven, Umeå

Project: Kulturväven & Rådhusparken,
Location: Umeå, Västerbotten County, Sweden,
Height: 13 fl.,
Use: a cultural center in Umeå located next to Ume River. Kulturväven will open in autumn 2014, the year that Umeå is one of the two European Capital of Culture.
Kulturväven consists of two buildings which merges into one on the third floor, forming a portal above Strandgatan. The house closest to the river, south of Strandgatan, consists of four floors and will include a so-called "black box", with space for 400 seated or 1 000 standing visitors. The four lower levels of the building closest to the road Storgatan have about 15 000 square meters of area that Umeå municipality disposes of their businesses, including libraries. There is also a covered market hall in direct proximity to the Stora Hotellet. From level 5 and above there are plans for hotels, conference and restaurants in the Balticgruppen's auspices.
Culture fabric will include several cultural institutions that have been moved from other parts of town, as well as some new cultural initiatives.
Kulturväven will include studios, a children's cultural center, theaters and Umeå City Library, the cinema Folkets Bio and the new Women's History Museum.
Constructor: -,
Architects: Snöhetta and White arkitekter,
Status: Topped out,
More information and pictures:

Umeå-Moni1.119 por Lutz Donath, en Flickr[email protected]/15252919131/


Vy av nya Rådhusparken, Illustration Ramböll by NCC_AB, on Flickr

Rådhusparken by AmericanSwede1952, on Flickr

Summer in the city par tleu, sur Flickr
Barents Center, Norrbotten County

Project: Barents Center,
Location: On the border between Haparanda, Norrbotten County, (Sweden) and Tornio (Finland),
Height: -,
Use: A large complex of 100 000 sq. m. with a shopping center, a hotell, a multiarena, a gymnasium, offices, a cinemana and an innovation center will be built in northern Sweden. This new complex will serve as a new attraction for both people living in Haparanda (Sweden) and Tornio (Finland) and tourists,
Constructor: -,
Architects: Wester-Elsner arkitekter,
Status: Approved,
More information and pictures:,





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Nacka Tower, Nacka, Stockholm

A re-design by Felix Bonnier (China):


The proposed version:


More information: Nacka Tower
Johanneberg Science Park, Sweden

Project: New office premises for Johanneberg Science Park,
Location: Johanneberg, Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, Sweden,
Height: 6 fl.,
Use: Office building,
Constructor: Skanska AB,
Architects: White arkitekter under the project management of Chalmersfastigheter AB,
Status: Under contruction,
More information and pictures:,










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