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SYD - Surrys Hills walk

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got out and about at Surry Hills stoday. found another 4 10storey bldgs to add to amazing frantic atmosphere . nice place.

heres some snaps

47 Cooper st, 10st now complete

the disgusting KMS bldg on Kippax st

the new SILKWOOD uc

the art deco ELIZABETH HOUSE from 1930!
230 Elizabeth street!

the view from there is great!

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LOL KMS is possibly about the worst you get in the area. Just full of sweatshops busliy plying away 24/7.

47 Cooper is a gutted red brick 60s number, just like its neighbour. Great makeover!!

Looking forward to Silkwood.
Great shots!

What's the proposed development bounded by Albion St, Riley St, Ann St & Derby Lane?
Nice pics, one of my favourite inner city areas.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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