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SYDNEY | Altitude Apartments | 177m | 55 fl | 128m | 39 fl | Com

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A highrise project in its infancy in Parramatta - 23km west of the Sydney CBD.

Renders from the project thread:

some renders and elevations
the smaller serviced apartments (East tower) is now RL116m or 108m. 33storeys
now 266 rooms
taller tower- (West Tower) is 177m and 55storeys with 370 units

Prep work has commenced

I think the trench in the right of the shot is the new perimeter line of the building with the rest being returned to the river frontage.

Also, in the top right of the photo you can see the preparation worth for the Lennox Bridge tunnel portals.

Due for completion in 2016
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Construction underway, update from yesterday

Thanks Parraviilian, think I just missed you... I was in the area too yesterday, and took these pics from Lennox Bridge

2015-03-16 15.07.43
by formsy, on Flickr

2015-03-16 15.09.49
by formsy, on Flickr
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2 December. Also, the heights for this have been revised: 177m x 128m and 55fl x 39fl.

Photo taken 2/12/15

From the photo I took it looks like altitudes main tower has now reached around level 21, not quite halfway yet.

looking at your photo and an elevation,the core has lev24 in box.

see elevation
box= 2 levels, so top now RL92m or 84m above grd.
by xmas it will be highest building in parramatta!

unfortunatley cant tell how high these are with new nearmap updates
dec5 nearmap
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