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Here's my observation:

Overall Architecture Trend

Over the last two years, Sydney's quality of architecture both in metro and in the city has improved, no doubt. But there are doubts on the extent of the improvements. New apartment blocks has emerged in Burwood, Aurburn, Strathfield, Chatswood and Victoria Park.

I am quite stunned to see quality of apartments in places such as Rhodes Waterside, Auburn, Victoria Park and Chatswood. No more commie block style architecture with small windows and balconies showing resident's laundries. Now, larger windows and balconies with trendy works of design. To be honest, constructions in metro do look more trendy and modern than the city ones. I dunno, but i find that the ones in Sydney city look a bit unoriginal and out of touch with the modern architecture trend.

That doesn't mean there aren't places in metro that aren't 'modernising'. Hornsby/Waitara looks backward and Maquarie Park district's trend looks as if the designs have stagnated. Hornsby blocks looks so similar and doesn't have much height variations. Yes, they have big slide-doors but the brick prints are visable...which i seriously hate. The least they could do is to cover the bricks with concrete and paint them. Meh...its Meriton we're talking about.

Areas of interest:

There are three areas which are of interest of me within this construction cycle (metro).
1. Victoria Park/Moore Park area
2. Rhodes Waterside
3. Chatswood

I included Chatswood because of the massive interchange project which is under way. Pedestrian bridge is in use and the main arcade inside the interchange has been closed down.

Areas of concern:

I seriously would like to see Epping be be the next Chatswood. Recently the resident has unanimously said NO to park metering on Parramatta side of Epping. They're concerned that parking meters will deter people to shop around the retail strips and would altimately force drivers to park in front of residential buildings. I like to see a complete political map overhawl of Epping... It is uncommon to hear/see Parramatta Council discusssing issues with Hornsby Council in regards to the future of Epping. The genesis project (10 storey retail/apartment block) took 4 years to get approval from both councils. Epping is pretty much a conservative area full of family oriented values and ideas. Back to architecture, yes Epping should be like Chatswood. 20 to 30 storey apartments/offices along the major roads such as Beacroft Rd and Carlingford Rd.

In the overall scheme of things I think in order to increase supply to meet eh excess of demand (immigration), there needs to be a solidary densification. Build up instead of across. Districts between Mascot and City should continue to densifty aggressively in order to support lifestyle close proximity to services. Maquarie Park should expand and also Parramatta. There are areas, however that shouldn't expand. Strathfield is one... it is regarded as a Bulleve Hill of the Inner West. Preservation and conservation of the federation homes and alike should be continued and be fiercely regulated. Glebe should also be closely watched of not destroying terraces. There shouldn't be major development along Northern Beaches nor around Gordon/St Ives area.

Post your thoughts here:

1. Overall Sydney architecture trend
2. Areas of interest in Sydney
3. Areas of concern in Sydney

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I think the areas to watch are:

1. Green Square (which I agree with Matix on)
2. Parramatta
3. Hurstville

I won't go into Green Square but I'll go into the others.

Parramatta has made phenominal progress as Sydney's second place in which to do business over the past few years. It's been able to lure business from the Sydney CBD including a large portion of government departments. This has been reflected scraperwise with an acceleration in development within the Parramatta CBD such as Escen, 101 George Westfield, Police Centre & the soon to be built Civic Place. It will continue to cement it's postion in the years ahead and the scrapers will only get taller. Within a decade, I'm hoping it will start to resemble North Sydney.

Hurstville doesn't always receive alot of attention scraperwise on this forum but it will start over the next few years to emerge as a centre in which to do business and it's been the focus on a recent masterplan which aims to increase the scale of commerical development within the Hurstville CBD. This means more scrapers of course (only up to 16 storeys though for office towers, or about 60 metres ). Several Commercial projects are in the pipeline such as the Super Centre Development & the Hurstville Civic Centre along with the Church of Chirst office tower in MacMahon Street. Also residential highrises of up to 20 storeys are in the pipleline as well as part of the SuperCentre development. There is also the huge AMCOR residential development at the eastern end of the CBD, which should hopefully begin in the latter part of the year.

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Areas of interest for me are:

1. Wolli Creek
2. Green Square (inc. Victoria Park/Moore Park area)
3. Hurstville

I'm not a big fan of Rhodes Waterside Development actually, a giant enclosed shopping centre and a dozen of low rise apartments around it up to 5 storeys... Not even a single cafe at the waterfront. So it's kinda surburban style.

On the other hand, Discovery Point development at Wolli Creek is more interesting, the shopping centre there won't be a large one but there will be a lot of retail stores at the ground level of each apartment which will create an active street life, in addition to the waterfront cafes and a plaza at the train station... very promising.

Rhodes Waterside Development

Discovery Point Development at Wolli Creek
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