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I think the areas to watch are:

1. Green Square (which I agree with Matix on)
2. Parramatta
3. Hurstville

I won't go into Green Square but I'll go into the others.

Parramatta has made phenominal progress as Sydney's second place in which to do business over the past few years. It's been able to lure business from the Sydney CBD including a large portion of government departments. This has been reflected scraperwise with an acceleration in development within the Parramatta CBD such as Escen, 101 George Westfield, Police Centre & the soon to be built Civic Place. It will continue to cement it's postion in the years ahead and the scrapers will only get taller. Within a decade, I'm hoping it will start to resemble North Sydney.

Hurstville doesn't always receive alot of attention scraperwise on this forum but it will start over the next few years to emerge as a centre in which to do business and it's been the focus on a recent masterplan which aims to increase the scale of commerical development within the Hurstville CBD. This means more scrapers of course (only up to 16 storeys though for office towers, or about 60 metres ). Several Commercial projects are in the pipeline such as the Super Centre Development & the Hurstville Civic Centre along with the Church of Chirst office tower in MacMahon Street. Also residential highrises of up to 20 storeys are in the pipleline as well as part of the SuperCentre development. There is also the huge AMCOR residential development at the eastern end of the CBD, which should hopefully begin in the latter part of the year.
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