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All the way with PJK
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Went for a walk around the city with Miliux and Avatar on Thursday night and took some night photos, getting some pointers off Miliux in the mean time.

Hope you like...

The entrance to Customs House

Cafe outside Customs House

Sculpture on the AMP Building.

Traffic along Bridge Street

The Lands Department clocktower

Aurora reflecting off a Jaguar

Chair in a shop window


Suits at The Bligh

Aurora, zoomed in

Aurora, zoomed out

Ben Chifley

Fountain at the Sydney Hospital

Leafy tree

Barren tree

A little bit of human scale in the city


Looking skyward from the Aurora courtyard

Cafe/bar at the Aurora courtyard


Close-up of the big white balls

Aurora courtyard and lobby

spider inside my dreams
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I'm pretty sure that the area behind him is where the amazing Goodsell Tower is going. Can't wait until it's built, design is fab.
Actually, the building you see behind him IS the Goodsell building. You've seen the design for the new tower? Where? What does it look like?

I've never seen the Ben Chifley sculpture before - where's that, Australia Square forecourt?
Funnily enough, it's at... Chifley Square!

Nice photos, TP. Nice.

All the way with PJK
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Lol, didn't know being tripodless was such a virtue :) I did carry one of those cheap mini tripods with me but I never got around to using it.

In photo 7 (of the chair) I leaned the camera on the glass window to gain some stability.

In photo 15 (barren tree) I took a few shots of the tree, some using a chair as support, and some without, but pretty sure I did with this particular shot.

In photo 18 (looking skyward...), you can see a reflection of me using the big white stone as support for the camera.

In photo 22 (the last photo), I used a cafe table.

All the others were without support of any kind. I also find just leaning my body on something to really help. And I waited until after the photo shoot to have my first coffee for the day, but perhaps the best explanation is that a good number of shots turned out crap - I just didn't post them! :)

Thanks for the compliments, everyone :)

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Great shots TP! Love the aurora place ones! Does your camera have anti-shake? A rarely use my tripod these days (except for timed night shots) using the AS feature.

Nice work there Tony.

Remember the deal, Tony. Hint: RAW.
For limited time only.
I have been using RAW on my camera for a little while now and the shots I have been taking have been awesome. However when I upload them to photobucket they come out awful (see latest pics) worse than when I would use the med fine settings. Any hints or do I have to pay a fee too host large photo's?



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Beautiful city!!!!.....great photos.....very good TONY!!.......Sydney is very vibrant....I love Australia.....congratulations
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