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Sydney kai ta ellinika

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Pics from my Sydney trip in late March.

Martin Place in central Sydney has the most prestigious shops and expensive real estate in the city.

Occupying arguably the most primo position in Sydney's CBD on the corner of George St and Martin Place is [URL=""]Paspaley Pearl's[/URL] Sydney store. The Paspaley family along with the Kailis' in Westen Australia dominate the world pearling industry.

I'm not into jewellery, but I do love classical interiors and the Paspaley showroom is quite a sight. I was only able to take one photo b4 security told me to refrain.

The Rocks is the most historic area in Sydney with lots of shops, galleries and places to eat. It is similar to the Plaka in many ways.

Costis seafood restaurant on the corner.

Charles Billich is a famous Australian artist based in the Rocks.

Spot the Athenian landmark. This painting by Billich is worth $150 000.

Circular Quay beside the Rocks is where you catch ferries to destinations around the harbour and beyond.

The Queen Victoria Building is a huge late nineteenth century shopping centre, modelled on a Byzantine palace.

Into the Royal Botanic Gardens

Look familiar?

Hyde Park featues a classically inspired fountain. Apollo stands a-top, while Artemis and Theseus the vanquisher of the Minotaur can also be seen.

Facing Hyde Park on Elizabeth St is the squeezed in 1950's building of the Hellenic Club. Plans have been submitted for [URL=""]redevelopment[/URL], but a lady I spoke to there said that construction is still a while away because of various reasons. It occupies a prime site in Sydney, stretching back in an L-shape to the street behind it, and has enormous potential. The master plan is to turn it into the Hellenic Centre of Australia.

While I was in Sydney I was fortunate enough to catch the Greek Festival at Darling harbour.

World Tower by Melbourne based architectural firm, Fender Katsalidis

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia's cathedral is in a former Anglican church from the 1840's. The complex includes a theological college and other related buildings.

Marrickville is the old inner-city suburb that many Greeks settled in during the 1950's.

From wikipedia, which I'd agree with.

Marrickville has a diverse and multi-cultural community with a significant migrant population.

In the mid-twentieth century, Marrickville was a major center of Sydney's large Greek community, and to an extent remains so. Greek flags are frequently flown down Marrickville's main commercial street, which still has many Greek-owned businesses. Today, the Vietnamese community has become perhaps more prominent, centered in the area closer to the railway station.

In recent years the area has seen an influx of young, urban professionals attracted to its proximity to the Sydney CBD, vast array of restaurants and inner-city, multicultural lifestyle. Soaring prices in more affluent areas such as the Eastern Suburbs have also driven people into the inner-west in search of more affordable housing
Main street

'Arty' Marrickville

Sidewalk mosaic

Small 'square' called the Greek forum

Cafe on square, formerly post office.

New apartments going up in the area

Many Greek-Australians have moved to not too distant Earlwood, which has bigger houses and better views (hillier) than Marrickville. Although Greeks are spread right throughout Sydney's metropolitan area, depending on socio-economic background, Earlwood by percentage has the largest concentration of Greeks in suburban Sydney.

Booming industry as many Greek (and others) post-war migrants reach their final days.

Typical Earlwood homes

Newtown is a gritty inner-city area with a distinct bohemian character. This area was once also populated by Greeks and still has the Greek Welfare Centre. A relative in Sydney told me that the clergy and staff at this church do valuable social work for many of the area's down and out, including junkies, no matter what background.

I felt a strong sense of spiritualty in this small church for some reason, more so than others I've been to.

Around Newtown

Finally, some more pics of Sydney

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Thanks megale!!!

I really enjoyed these pictures!!! Thank you for posting them!!!
^^ Thanks neorion

I hope you enjoyed your stay in our lovely, vibrant and diverse city.

Your images trully capture the spirit of Sydney.

The City's founding farthers where greatly inspired by the major architectural movements of the time, including the Greek Revival Style.

The arrival of the Greek immigrants has and will continue to have a positive impact on the City's architectural heritage with numerous Greek Cultural Associations (including the Greek Orthodox Church) holding significant property assets in Central Sydney and the inner suburbs.
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Call me crazy but Sydney reminds me alot of Adelaide from street level...atleast more so than Melbourne or any other Aussie city.
Truly AMAZING photos!!!! Many thanks for sharing your work with us. Sydney kicks ass!!!!
Thanks everyone. :)

Sydney is a great city. I had not been in a while and reaaly loved it this time round.

@Nicholas, I have rellies in Sydney and have been going there since I was a kid for school holidays. I could have taken many more pics of other Greek associations, including the many colleges and their excellent campuses, regional clubs etc, but just stuck to what I passed, albeit a few detours. Do you know of what is considered Fediterranean-style architecture in Sydney? I thought that was interesting.

@Giorgos I know what you mean, but i still think Adelaide is more similar to Melbourne than Sydney. All australian cities have a similar look in some ways.

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Those are some of the nicest Sydney pix I have ever seen! Well done!!!
Indeed they are. Although Athens and Sydney are totally dofferent, I wish we had a few vistas like the above. They depict a city full of energy and the will to move forward. Plus, watch the clean image of the city from street level. Truly amazing.

Now with regards to the brothers and sisters of the omogenia living there and everywhere in this world, I have one thing to say: You are commendable for your efforts to keep the spirit of Hellenism high. You are the finest breed of people because you manage to preserve and cherish what others fail to acknowledge as part of their own heritage, even if they are living in the motherland.

You reming me of a line from a movie I saw long ago:

"Thank you for reminding me that not all people's programming was faulty."


Always look higher... :)

So much for a land they call "Down Under"

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Great city !! i didnt know sydney was so nice !!!
And great shots neorion.
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