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This project is in its infancy however it appears Australian billionaire James Packer and his company Crown Limited are set to build one of Sydney's tallest towers at the 22 hectare waterfront development site known as Barangaroo.

Crown Limited won the rights to a two year planning and development phase with Barangaroo developer Lend Lease in which details about the location, height and size of a new hotel will be fine tuned. Crown Limited has already submitted plans for the $1 billion+ project with the NSW Government. The Government has progressed the concept to the second stage of its three phase assessment process for major private sector projects. It will now be subject to a financial assessment and, if successful, an international design competition could be held.

Packer plays high for hotel at Barangaroo
October 24, 2012 - 11:49PM
Sean Nicholls

JAMES PACKER is pushing to alter building height limits at Barangaroo to add up to 20 storeys to his planned $1 billion hotel and casino complex and make it one of Sydney’s tallest towers.

He has received strong support from the former prime minister Paul Keating, who has declared the complex should be designed along the lines of a ‘‘Brancusi sculpture’’ and is also backing the idea of a second casino for Sydney.

The Herald has confirmed Mr Packer’s company Crown Limited is in talks to increase the allowable height for a hotel in the concept plan for Barangaroo approved by the state government.

Under the approved plan, the hotel is situated on a pier jutting into Sydney harbour and capped at 170 metres, or about 40 storeys.

But after calls by the Premier, Barry O’Farrell, for the hotel to be relocated, Crown announced a two-year agreement with Barangaroo’s developer, Lend Lease, to build it at Barangaroo South.

Crown is in discussions with Lend Lease and the state government’s Barangaroo Delivery Authority to have the allowable height increased to as many as 60 storeys, or up to 250 metres.

Such a building would tower over others approved at Barangaroo and deliver sweeping views over the city. It would also place it among the top 10 tallest buildings in Sydney.

It is understood Crown is arguing that its proposal is in line with the vision of Mr Keating, who has supported the view of the architect of Barangaroo, Lord Richard Rogers, that the hotel should provide an ‘‘exclamation mark’’.

Sources close to Crown said the company believes that if Barangaroo is to have a landmark building to attract tourists from around the world, it would be difficult to achieve if it was not visible among the commercial towers.

Increasing the number of floors would significantly increase the potential returns to Crown from the development.

Lend Lease is understood to feel it is entitled to some reward for agreeing to relocate the hotel from over the harbour, for which it already has planning approval.

Mr Keating, a former chairman of the Barangaroo Design Excellence Review Panel, told the Herald it was important that the landmark hotel be able to compete with the three ‘‘very large’’ towers adjacent to it.

‘‘It’s diminutive compared with the three towers next to it, yet it’s supposed to be the diva on the stage,’’ he said.

‘‘I think you can make an argument in design terms that the hotel ... should be taller than the three towers.’’

Mr Keating said he was more concerned with the quality of the new building. ‘‘If it’s going to have height it ought to be a sculptured building, perhaps something like a Brancusi sculpture,’’ he said.

He believed opponents of the positioning of the original hotel on a pier over Sydney harbour, which led to a height reduction and Mr O’Farrell’s request that it be moved, only had themselves to blame if Crown was seeking to restore its height in the new place.

Yesterday an anti-gambling campaigner, the Reverend Tim Costello, argued a second casino was inappropriate, but Mr Keating disagreed, arguing it would fund a ‘‘grander’’ building.

‘‘The philosophical question about a casino there was settled 20 years ago, when premier [Nick] Greiner and premier [John] Fahey agreed to establish the casino half a kilometre way,’’ he said.

Mr O’Farrell has said Mr Packer’s plan will go through the state government’s ‘‘unsolicited proposal’’ process, which paves the way for the government to grant a second casino licence, which Mr Packer will require if the project is to proceed. Crown’s competitor, Echo Entertainment, holds Sydney’s monopoly casino licence until 2019.

The former Labor premier Morris Iemma has argued any second casino licence should go to a public tender. Mr Keating declined to give his view.

However, the Echo chairman, John O’Neill, yesterday questioned why there would not be a competitive tender for the casino licence and even the hotel.

On Tuesday the proposal received conditional backing from the Labor shadow cabinet. Labor said the complex must not contain poker machines or encroach on areas set aside for public space at Barangaroo and offer a fair rate of return to NSW.

It also said Echo, which owns the Star casino, must be allowed to retain its monopoly casino licence until 2019.

With Rick Feneley

Read more:

Packer hints at design competition for towering Barangaroo casino plans

26 October, 2012

Madeline Prince

James Packer is seeking to add up to 20 storeys above the allowable height limit on his planned $1 billion hotel and casino complex at Barangaroo, receiving support from former Prime Minister Paul Keating and both Labor and Liberal backing in NSW.

Keating told the Sydney Morning Herald that he is hoping the new building will be reminiscent of a 'Brancusi' sculpture and he thinks it should be taller than the surrounding towers and a 'diva' in the area.

It supports the view of Barangaroo architect, Lord Richard Rogers, who says the hotel should provide an ‘‘exclamation mark’’ for the area.

‘‘If it’s going to have height it ought to be a sculptured building, perhaps something like a Brancusi sculpture,’’ Keating said.

He added: "It’s diminutive compared with the three towers next to it, yet it’s supposed to be the diva on the stage.’’

Later at a public event in Sydney, Packer jokingly commented on Keating's affection for architecture.

"I love listening to Paul talk about architecture - it's like listening to someone read Fifty Shades of Grey," he said.

He added that he is interested in the idea of holding a design competition for the new casino which is being developed by Lend Lease.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell this week announced that the proposal for the six-star hotel resort with VIP-only gaming facilities has moved to the second stage of government consideration.

“Crown’s submission is that the development would see up to $1 billion invested in NSW and would result in more than 1,200 jobs,” O’Farrell said.

“As Sydney’s first six-star hotel, it would be a world-class tourist facility which would help us compete with other global destinations particularly in the lucrative and booming Asian tourism market," O’Farrell said.

Architecture & Design has sought comment from Crown Limited.
Here are some news articles about the tower. Note the curved tower shown on the far right. It is the tallest of the International Towers at Barangaroo (217m);

This is a newspaper clipping of what the tower COULD look like and the location of certain facilities

The design is very much subject to change, this is just a preliminary design.

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World's best architects vie to make their mark on Sydney
EXCLUSIVE by Andrew Carswell The Daily Telegraph February 15, 2013 12:00AM

IT looms as the most iconic building to be constructed in Sydney since the Opera House - judging by the architectural royalty lining up to design it.

Four of the finest designers on the planet have been shortlisted to build James Packer's $1 billion six-star Crown Sydney resort at Barangaroo, each promising to gift the city a dramatic masterpiece of world renown.

The Daily Telegraph understands that while there is no prize for the winning design, the commission from the construction could be worth $10 million to the successful firm.

The four, including famous designer Renzo Piano, who graced London's skyline with The Shard, have been given

until April to present their concept plans to Crown.

Their objective is simple, as expressed personally by Mr Packer, who is eager to leave his mark on his home town - make it the talk of the world.

"Sydney deserves one of the world's best hotels and with these amazing architects I'm confident we will see the most iconic building constructed here since the Opera House," he told The Daily Telegraph. "I want this hotel resort to be instantly recognisable around the world and feature on postcards and memorabilia promoting Sydney. That's how you attract international tourists, create jobs and put Sydney on the map."

Mr Piano already has his fingerprints on Sydney's CBD skyline, having designed Aurora Place, the award-winning office tower and residential block on Macquarie St.

The Italian also conceived the high-tech post-modern Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

Where his quirky designs break the mould, his competitors for the Crown Sydney contract are adept at breaking height records. The Chicago-based Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture firm sits atop the apex when it comes to soaring towers, with co-founder Adrian Smith designing the world's tallest man-made structure - the 829.8m Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

That is soon to be surpassed by a tower he designed, the proposed 1000m Kingdom Tower to be built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Concepts for Crown Sydney also will come from NY firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and UK group Wilkinson Eyre Architects, who between them have produced the Shanghai World Financial Center, the remarkable Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, and Hong Kong's iconic International Commerce Centre (the fifth-tallest building in the world). Each of the firms have been given creative licence that adheres to Crown's height restriction of 235m, making it one of Sydney's tallest buildings.

The design must include at least 350 rooms - 70 opulent suites on the upper levels of the 65-storey building, 100 private luxury apartments, two fine dining restaurants, luxury retail, spa and beauty facilities, an executive lounge and multiple levels of VIP gaming. This will include Crown's branded experience known as the Mahogany Room, Chairman's Club and 10 Sky Private

Gaming suites, plus VIP "Crystal Club" facilities and an outdoor view deck.

Rooms will have a massive footprint of 47-50sq m, while the complex will sit on 6000sq m.

Three of the four firms have already toured the Barangaroo site, with the fourth expected in town in the coming weeks.

Designs must be in by April. Representatives from Crown, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority and builders Lend Lease, will award the winning design in May.

Expected to lead that team is Crown director Todd Nisbet, who Mr Packer poached from giant global casino company Wynn Resorts in 2007, where he was responsible for all project development and construction operations in the US and Macau. He has been charged with the planning, architecture and construction for Crown Sydney.

"The four architects have been advised they are competing for the right to design Crown Sydney. All of them view this as a fantastic opportunity to create a truly global statement that will become synonymous with Sydney," Mr Nisbet, Crown's Executive Vice-President for strategy and development, said.

Construction of Crown Sydney is scheduled for 2014 if planning approval is granted.

It would open in 2018, with the casino to get its licence the following year when Star City's 12-year exclusivity arrangement comes to an end.

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1. Renzo Piano.

Famous for (a million things...):

Height: 304m (to architectural feature)

Also did;

Height: 218M (to spire)

2. Kohn Pedersen Fox

Famous for (again, take your pick):

Height: 484m (to architectural feature)

Height: 492m (to architectural feature)

3. Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Famous for:


4. Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture

Famous for:

Height: 830m (to spire)

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Me too! I hope all of them are made public so that we can see what all of them bought to the table.

May is too far away to wait for a decision!! :lol:

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The Telegraph states that the height is ''about 235m'' however I think that is the KPF proposal - Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and Wilkinson Eyre both look CONSIDERABLY TALLER than C3 (red tower) which is 217m to top of architectural feature.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

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AS + GG has dominated the popularity contest today winning;
1. SSC poll in the Australian section
2. Winning two online newspaper polls.
3. Favoured by Urban Taskforce head
4. Favoured by Deputy Premier.

Would be very surprised if it doesn't win.

Decision due by end of the month.

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I love it! The podium is so well executed.

Now we just need Packer to build something similar in Melbourne too, the Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade may want a new friend ! :)

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Wrong location I feel, probably even wrong city. This would look at home on the Gold coast with Q1 etc, or even in Brisbane. To me it just doesn't say Sydney, and the two towers don't sit with the Bangeroo towers at all, complete disharmony there :(

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Wilkinson Eyre
Winning Barangaroo design from British architects Wilkinson Eyre
BY:JOHN LEHMANN From: The Daily Telegraph May 16, 2013 12:00AM

A FUTURISTIC design featuring a white veil of sculptured glass rising up to 250m above Sydney Harbour has won James Packer's global competition to create his dream casino resort at Barangaroo.

British architects Wilkinson Eyre will today be awarded the prestigious assignment of designing what Mr Packer expects will be Sydney's most recognisable building since the Opera House was completed 40 years ago.

The winning design, unanimously selected by a judging panel assembled by Crown Resorts, takes its inspiration from three twisting petals and will cost up to $1.5 billion to bring to life.

Mr Packer, the Crown Resorts chairman, told The Daily Telegraph last night he was certain the Wilkinson Eyre design would deliver a truly special landmark, which would house the six-star Crown Sydney resort.

"When completed, Crown Sydney will be instantly recognisable around the world. Its iconic curves and fine lines celebrate the Harbour and create an architectural 'postcard' that will help attract international tourists and assist Sydney to compete with other global destinations," he said.

Mr Packer is engaged in a billion-dollar battle with casino rival, Echo Entertainment's The Star, to convince the O'Farrell government to grant Crown a casino licence in Sydney when Star's exclusive gaming arrangements end in 2019.

Wilkinson Eyre, which created Singapore's acclaimed Gardens by the Bay and China's Guangzhou International Finance Center, won the $10 million design brief over two other internationally acclaimed architects, Chicago's Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and New York's Kohn Pedersen Fox.

Wilkinson Eyre founding director Chris Wilkinson said it was a privilege to design such a significant waterfront building in "one of the most beautiful cities in the world".

"My ambition is to create a sculptural form that will rise up on the skyline like an inhabited artwork, clad in a white veil of glass with differing levels of transparency, striking a clear new image against the sky," he said.

Wilkinson Eyre director Paul Baker, who first became aware of Barangaroo when he stayed with friends at Balmain 25 years ago, said the curved surfaces of the tower were conceived using cutting-edge, three-dimensional technology that had "not been possible until now".

Former prime minister Paul Keating, who has run a long campaign for a world-class redevelopment of the Barangaroo foreshore, has described the design as "very promising".

The main tower is expected to stand between 235m and 250m tall and house exclusive high-roller gaming rooms as well as villas and private apartments.

The hotel will be housed in the smaller tower, while the lower-level podium will feature sundecks and an infinity pool.

A reflecting pool will extend out from restaurants and cafes at the base of the tower.

In a bid to shut down Crown's plan and protect its exclusive licence, The Star will submit plans to the Premier by June 21.

The plans are expected to focus on developing further tourist-related infrastructure around its Pyrmont venue.

The government has engaged former Future Fund chairman David Murray to assess which proposal will deliver the greatest benefit to NSW in terms of increased taxes and tourism.

If Crown wins the contest the final design, including the tower's height, will require approval by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority and the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

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It looks wonderful, and the whole new precinct will be an amazing addition to the Sydney. Hearty congrats Sydney. I particularly like the fact also that it will give the CBD skyline a broadening new lateral east-west dimension across the 'face' of the city - that is, when looked at from the main Harbour and the North Shore - something I've always wished to see happen.
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