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SZCZECIN, POLAND - New Music Hall, Philharmonic House

Under construction. Expected time of completion May 2013

The new Philharmonic House has its location in the city center at the crossroad of Małopolska and Matejki Streets. The building was designed by Barozzi Veiga Studio from Barcelona and it was awarded the first prize at the international architectural competition. Its shape connects to Szczecin city landscape and the very near scenery with many buildings of dropping roofs, church towers and other public constructions. The elevation style emphasizes its vertical lines and slender mass. The building will be an architectural icon of the city and its significant promotion part. The main assignment of the new House is to perform symphonic music. There are two concert halls – the symphonic hall for 951 and chamber hall for 192 visitors. The main entrance is located at Małopolska Street and leads to the representative foyer with a height of three storeys.

In the space of the entrance foyer beneath the chamber hall there is located a café too. Main entrances to the both concert halls are on the first floor of the building. The new Philharmonic House as a part of public space will be available for its visitors all day time. The ground floor facilities: entrance hall, ticket offices, café and CD and music publication stalls are expected to encourage visitors to stay for a longer time inside the building. On the third floor there is an exhibition space for galleries “Harmony of Art”. Exposures of photography, painting, graphics, sculpture and old music instruments will be accompanied by performances of music, literature and fine arts.

Visualization, project
Source, and more pictures: Click

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Building in foundation act on 02nd of December 2011.

More pictures on web site:

Pictures from June 2012 by Cezary Skorka:

it will be the best Philharmonic hall in Poland till near international contest for new Krakow one ;) :cheers:

great project!
Relax gentlemen, we'll see what will be the colour of the façade of a building :lol:
Time for some new photos. I took them on 26th August 2012.

Some details:

Next time I'll try to do some more pictures. ;)
Time for some new photos. I took them on 26th August 2012.

Next time I'll try to do some more pictures. ;)

Looking better, and better.

Thanks for posting new pcs. :cheers:
That's a lovely project.;)
Warbud company has started to install the elevation. Here are some photos. First three are mine:

Photos of others, sources below the images:

Source: Architektura w Szczecinie / Architecture in Szczecin - Facebook

Source: Architektura w Szczecinie / Architecture in Szczecin - Facebook

General view:

by Kaczy
And photo from the end of November. The same source :cheers:

There were small problems with subcontractor. Therefore completion will be slightly delayed.

Update by el_bartez



I tend to be very sceptical towards contemporary extensions of historic buildings, but this might be an exception!
It is both very contrasting, but also connecting when it comes to shape and form. Cladding will either ruin or make this project... Can't wait!
Small update by local newspaper: click to read whole article Gazeta Wyborcza

Unfortunately only in Polish.

Few pictures from this article:

And my favourite, golden plated facing of the walls and ceiling of the main concert hall:

One picture by Cezary Skórka/4DFoto from April 2013

Amazing project, I love how it reconnects with the gothic past of the city, reinventing it and reusing the triangle shape on the inside.

Well done Poland! :applause:
I don't like it. Too modernistic for me
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