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SZCZECIN, POLAND - New Music Hall, Philharmonic House

Under construction. Expected time of completion May 2013

The new Philharmonic House has its location in the city center at the crossroad of Małopolska and Matejki Streets. The building was designed by Barozzi Veiga Studio from Barcelona and it was awarded the first prize at the international architectural competition. Its shape connects to Szczecin city landscape and the very near scenery with many buildings of dropping roofs, church towers and other public constructions. The elevation style emphasizes its vertical lines and slender mass. The building will be an architectural icon of the city and its significant promotion part. The main assignment of the new House is to perform symphonic music. There are two concert halls – the symphonic hall for 951 and chamber hall for 192 visitors. The main entrance is located at Małopolska Street and leads to the representative foyer with a height of three storeys.

In the space of the entrance foyer beneath the chamber hall there is located a café too. Main entrances to the both concert halls are on the first floor of the building. The new Philharmonic House as a part of public space will be available for its visitors all day time. The ground floor facilities: entrance hall, ticket offices, café and CD and music publication stalls are expected to encourage visitors to stay for a longer time inside the building. On the third floor there is an exhibition space for galleries “Harmony of Art”. Exposures of photography, painting, graphics, sculpture and old music instruments will be accompanied by performances of music, literature and fine arts.

Visualization, project
Source, and more pictures: Click

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It's looking interesting. I would like to see it in person.
Few pcs from Polish thread. For more pcs CLICK.

Błażej;105074717 said:
Cool rendering, but I don't like that result.
Especially the facade.
The interior is amazing, but the outside looks a bit like corrugated sheet metal.

I'm hoping the internal lighting redeems the cladding.
The best time to see building live is to visit Szczecin during final of Tall Ship's Races from 03rd till 06th of August this year :cheers:

Official opening in next year.
My pictures from 14/10/2013

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The exterior facade looks like it's made from the same cheap material that Ikea uses in their flimsy furniture.
Unfortunetly I have to agree. It reminds me of siding.
Maybe from closeup It's better but I expected much more from this buildings facade.
^^ In my opinion it looks better "Live". Especially in sunny day you can see it is glass.

But there are extreme opinions about building and facade in the city. Some people love it, others think it looks like corrugated metal sheet in supermarket ;)

I think it is good that building is controversial. For sure it is not boring :)
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I just hope It will age well.
Visualisation of lightening of the building. There will be 25 000 LED lights which will create intelligent illumination.

Lighting will be evenly distributed on the facade of the building between the walls and the glass membrane. According to the concept of Spanish architect Alberto Veiga dynamic lighting will change the brightness (luminance) of each of the frames, of which light is directed at the walls of the building.

Lights will be able to shine in any color from the RGB color palette, so it will be possible to create a variable color illumination.

Such a scenario, however, is intended only for special occasions (eg, dynamic form of the national flag).

Source and full article:
The interiors make a really good impression here. Thanks for documenting everyone!

But I'm not sure about the facade. Pretty much looks like some random corrugated iron sheets you'd find on a storage depot in the outskirts. :(

Like this:üze_IMG_4202_ShiftN.jpg
Today's test illumination

Błażej;110771085 said:
Z dzisiaj:
(Trochę inne kadry)

Błażej;110771109 said:
Acoustic Tests

No to wklejam co mam. Niestety żaden ze mnie fotograf, więc są jakie są, a i obrabiać nie mam czasu, więc wybaczcie za krzywości i takie tam ;)

1. Uwielbione przeze mnie schody

2. Bryły w holu głównym


4. Od niektórych ścian oczy bolały!





8. Takie tam okienko

9. Bardzo fajne kafelki z holu głównego

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10. Główna sala koncertowa – mieliśmy dobre miejsca z widokiem na publiczność ;)


12. Trochę detalu



15. Ze środeczka

16. Jedyne moje od drugiej strony (niestety mocno przekrzywione, bo robione w pędzie)


Ładne to to. Niestety nie udało mi się załapać do grupy, która przeniosła się potem do sali kameralnej :( Z tego co widziałem, to niewykończone jeszcze schody, podłogi, kawiarenka, a windy jeszcze nie działały, natomiast łazienki już były zdolne do obsługi słuchaczy, ale ja akurat nie byłem. Ogólnie fajnie, tylko wciąż myślę po co te dwa wielkie okna od strony Matejki – myślałem, że znajdują się one w pomieszczeniach biurowych i dlatego są potrzebne, a to się okazuje, że to wszystko w przestrzeniach publicznych – w środku fajnie wyglądają i można sobie popatrzeć na bloczki i ulicę, ale z zewnątrz słabo. ALe i tak super :)
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Im afriad the exterior looks mostly like a plastic walled warehouse with the lights on.

but the interior is very nice. and the roof shapes are very cool.

last picture on post 35 is nice tho on the exterior.

The exterior gives a modern church feel from some angles too :D

And its very cool that they made a building specially designed for beautiful classical music
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