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Szeged (photo album)

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Population: 164 000 (2001)

Szeged is located at the confluence of the rivers Maros and Tisza. After the flood in 1879, the town was well planned rebuilt.
Szeged is the fourth biggest city in Hungary, lies on Hungary's south-eastern border.
Due to the high number of sunshine hours annually, Szeged is often called „City of Sunshine".
The name Szeged was first mentioned in 1183, in a document of King Béla III.
Szeged is the higher education center of southern Hungary and has built quite a reputation for itself. Thousands of students study here, many of whom are foreign students from all around the world.
Szeged is one of the centres of food industry in Hungary. The ‘Szegedi Paprika’ and the ‘Pick salami’ (since 1869) are world-famous.

Szeged Cathedral:

Cathedral Square, Szeged Open-Air Festival (first held in 1931):

Cathedral Square, University building and the Pantheon:

Cathedral Square, Dömötör Tower:

Somogyi Library and Archive:

Széchenyi Square, Town Hall:

Széchenyi Square, MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) Palace:

Széchenyi Square, „Bridge of Sighs":

Széchenyi Square, Statue of Kuno Klebelsberg (1922-1931, Minister of Education in Hungary):

„For Public Education", Ferenc Móra Museum and the archeological department of the University of Szeged - former Palace of Education:

Szeged National Theatre::

Martyrs of Arad Square:

Klauzál Square:

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Kárász Street:

Serb Church:

Calvin Square, Calvinist („Kakasos") Church:


King Matthias Square, Franciscan Church:

King Matthias Square, Statue of King Matthias:

Reök Palace:

Unger-Mayer House:

Victor Hugo Street:

School Street:

Lajos Tisza Boulevard:

Lajos Tisza Boulevard, Gróf Palace:

Viktor Vaszy Square:

Dugonics Square, Central building of University of Szeged:

Park in New Szeged:

New Szeged Sports Hall:

Maty-ér Regatta Course:
great photos...looks like a beautiful central European city.
Beautiful city - love Hungarian cities .
Nice. So it's not just Budapest then!!!
Wonderful city. The art nuovo stuff is unbeatable.
I hope to visit Szeged soon ... Can't wait ;)
Beautiful city! Do you have more pics?
I didn't know that Szeged looked that good, the city looks really really good! :)

Bank Ban, thank you. Before I saw this thread, all I knew of Szeged before was that it had Dömötör Tower an ancient medieval relic and that it was famous for foodstuffs (csemege) like paprika and salami, and had good festivals at the Szeged cathedral. But I didn't know Szeged was that sophisticated. You've shown me a spectrum and side of Szeged I've never seen before, perhaps Szeged has grown up since I've last been in Hungary 17 years ago.

I've read the medical school in Szeged is highly sought after and there are a lot of foreign applicants and it's very expensive to get in. :)

Another bit of history I know is that after the big flood of 1879 which was a catastrophic ecological disaster for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, almost the entire city was destroyed. All of Europe contributed money, help and aid to rebuilding and helping the people of this good city in south Hungary.

I had no idea that Szeged was this beautiful:

Bank Ban, thanks, you've acquainted me with another great Hungarian city, I've never been to Szeged or Gyula - I had no idea how great looking Szeged was, its a first-rater. :)
Yeah, Szeged is nice, it also surprised me the first (and unfortunately only) time I was there... It has a very unique flair cities closer to Budapest just lack but Pécs for example doesn't. Cities that used to be (and still are) the capitals of a region all have this, because they couldn't rely on Budapest that much. Moreover, Szeged has a very special atmosphere because of the river crossing it and the constant sunshine (and of course the architecture is also beautiful).
:eek2::eek2::eek2: This city is brilliant! The center looks magnificant, I love the buildings of Catedral and Town Hall! I can't believe that I have never heard before that Szeged is so awesome city... More pics, please!:)
Photos from my trip to Szeged in January, probably the only non sunny day they have there in the city of sunshine :)

That's all for now, I will go back soon though.
This city is very beautiful and has wonderful attractions and also very interesting!
This thread is to get arquainted with Szeged, with the nice places, sights you like. If you made or simply have fine pictures about the city or it's direct countryside upload it and show us! Share your favourite pictures, streets, squares, places!
from the bastion by the Tisza:

quay of Szeged in lightplay:

old downtown bridge:
National Theater

National Theater:

National Theater and the old Hotel Hungaria
Széchenyi square / park

Széchenyi square:

Green and the bridge of sighs in the background:

Tram and station in front of the Post Palace

Town hall

Town hall and fountain:

Bridge of sighs
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