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2 new ferries which have big screen LCD TVs, pet shelters, and restrooms for people with disabilities and infirmaries....
Yeni vapurlar Ekim'de hazır

İstanbullular'ın oylarıyla seçilen vapurların ilk 2'si, Ekim'de seferlerine başlayacak. Her biri 7 milyon dolara mal olacak yeni vapurlarda, 6'şar adet 106 ekran LCD televizyon, evcil hayvanlar için barınak, engelliler için özel tuvaletler ve revir de bulunacak.
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Upper Bosporus suburbs: 5 to 10 minutes
Üsküdar to Besiktas or Kabatas: 5 to 10 minutes
In the central districts, some lines which are not just simple crossings but continue further along the opposite shore take
Besiktas or Kabatas - Kadiköy: 20 minutes
Üsküdar to Eminönü: 15 minutes
Karaköy or Eminönü to Haydarpasa or Kadiköy: 15 minutes
Kabatas to Bostanci: 25 minutes (by catamaran)
Kabatas to Kinali Island: 25 minutes (by catamaran) or 50 minutes (regular)
Sehir hatlari and the Metropolitan Municipality have announced that they will schedule more ferry rides on the Bosporus because of the construction on the second Bosporus Bridge. As usual with Sehir Hatlari, there is a big announcement and nothing much to follow up. For the moment there is only a single extra ride per direction on the Bosporus, and the stops chosen are so idiotic as to make it as unattractive as possible. It stops bopth at Üsküdar and Kabatas although there are plenty of rides between the two and what is more laughable at Anadolu Hisari and Kücüksu, even though the two jetties are just a 5 minute's walk from each other. This is no compensation for the countless Bosporus ferries which have been cancelled over the last years and will be too slow to be of no interest in the long run. Good, competitive ferry links could be established easily if the planners at Sehir Hatlari would come up with some better ideas.
Boğaz'dan Kabataş' a Yolculuk şimdi çok daha keyifli

09 Temmuz 2012 tarihinden itibaren Hafta içi Hergün Beykoz - Paşabahçe - Kanlıca - A. Hisarı - Küçüksu ve Üsküdar'dan Kabataş'a seferlerimiz başlamıştır.

Kalkış Varış
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Kalkış Varış
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After criticizing Sehir Hatlari for their rather pitiful first response to increasing demand due to the chaos on the second bridge, I must now concede that following the new round of crisis measures, they have done somethning more substantial. There is now a new connection Istinye - Kücüksu operating every 15 minutes on weekdays in rush hour. While both locations are somewhat exotic and difficult to connect to, this could still be an alternative for people who need to commute between the northern shores of the Bosporus and therefore do not find Besiktas - Üsküdar an alternative. If they consider leaving their car behind of course.
Meanwhile IDO has promised to extend its deniz otobüsü running Kabatas-Bostanci and Bostanci-Kadiköy-Bakirköy until midnight also as a response to the bridge chaos. However, they fail to provide a schedule for this on their website or information when this measure should start. This does not help: who can take a deniz otobüsü if you do not know when it leaves?
I disagree. for the usually awful planning of Sehir Hatlari, this is a great improvement. Of course it should be better, 20 min all day and in the evenings until the funicular closes. But think of Besiktas-Kadiköy, only every 30 minutes and closes at 21.00, although it is always full. Both lines should be increased, plus Bosporus services, especially now that with the coming of Marmaray Eminönü-Üsküdar and Karaköy/Eminönü-Haydarpasa/Kadiköy will most likely be closed or thinned out.
Could not find it anywhere either on the news or on S.H.'s website. Was it just about them dissuading the demonstration for peace in Kadiköy yesterday or is it still going on?
So this is the result after the campaign "varpurlari vermiyoruz", when they constantly told us that they were not getting rid of the old ferries, and all those Sunday speeches about increasing transport by the sea - and what are they doing? Expecting us to get onto those crowded buses, wait for hours on the bridge, so they can then claim we need more bridges, instead of offering what everyone wants, namely frequent services by ferry across the Bosporus connecting the metro lines on both sides. With the remaining ferries, they will offer Bosporus cruises for tourists where for 20 TL or more you can enjoy how wonderful the Bosporus is. Thank you very much!
Ferries on Golden Horn to Resume, but not to Fener & Balat

Today the old Galata Bridge, presently suspended between Hasköy and Balat, closes down. It is already closed for cars, but was this morning still open for pedestrians (and most importantly, for fishing!). Without car traffic, it was one of the few spots where you could enjoy the city skyline and water in peace.
Once the bridge is separated once again, ferry traffic to Eyüp is to resume. What is completely incomprehensible however is why Fener and Balat piers are still closed. Closed down one year ago supposedly for renovation, the two stops of the Golden Horn ferry are still abandoned and rotting away without renovation having even begun yet, even though they are important tourist destinations. What does the belediye have in mind here?
I also noticed at some point that they were not repairing it as promised. But to be honest, if one ferry every half hour is all we are going to see from Karaköy, the present jetty is completely sufficient. Only if traffic were to increase and it would be necessary to have two ships at the same time there, would it make sense to rebuild something in that spot. And as ferry services in this town tend to become less than more, I do not see that in the cards.
I would not agree. If giving money to the private companies would be a priority, Sehir hatlari would not try to compete with them on the Üsküdar-Besiktas route (a hopeless case, as the constant departures of the private ferries cannot be matched by the bureaucratic "one ferry, then 3 cups of tea" rhythm the Sehir Hatlari are used to. I really think the idleness of Sehir Hatlari is due to the fact that it is seen as a bureaucratic institution, workers and management are appointed according to municipality and party merit and not based on their ability to turn the company into a modern service company. New connections are created according to spur of the moment whims of politicians and not according to some kind of analysis of what pepole need and what Sehir hatlari can offer and are thus doomed to be cancelled or thinned out with the next schedule.
I find this company rather useless. 2 departures per day despite having acclaimedly 5 boats - what's the point?
If I check IDOBUS's departures for next Friday, I get 9 departures, out of which start at just 9 Liras, some go up to BUDO's 18 Liras, and only the two peak time departures are 22 Liras.
Also the terminal is in Mudanya, even further away from Bursa than IDO's.
Face it, this is just the municipality barging in on a market which people had neglected until IDO started running frequent ferries to Bursa.
A short extension from Emek to near Gecit is to my knowledge under way or planned for the near future. From there, I assume they will extend it to the future HSR station in Gecit. Beyond that I doubt they will extend it, as beyond this point the area is only sparsely inhabited, the terrain drops sharply and buses on this stretch will always be faster than the rather slow Bursaray. It would not be feasible.
By the way, sailing time from Güzelyali near Bursa to Yenikapi or Kabatas is only 90 to 110 minutes, depending on weather conditions. However cancellations due to storms especially of foot passenger only catamarans are fairly frequent, especially in winter.
Bildigim kadariyle hic yok. Sadece Istanbul-Odessa (Haydarpasa-Ilycevsk) RORO feribotu var.
Tasarim berbat!

But now for some good news, for a change: took my bike on an IDO (catamaran) to the islands today. IDO no longer charges for bicycles on inner-city routes! Bicycles are slowly being taken serious in this town.
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yes, seeing those pictures, nobody wants to give tup ships in order to go through a dark tunnel and up and down endless escalators to cross the Bosporus. If only they would run more often and longer. Mehmet on Rayturk posted that the motor companies now might ask for a license for Kadiköy-Kabatas/-Besiktas services. It is idiotic that Sehir Hatlari have not intensified services on these connections, as there is a high demand on them and more frequent services could even win back passangers from the metrobus.
ido surrenders bursa line to budo

after only one year of competition, ido gives up the passenger services to bursa due to the success of its copycat competitor budo. it is strange why budo is so much more successful. if you booked ahead on idobüs, you could get actually quite affordable tickets. budo used discontent with ido's pricing system on the car ferries to start a profitable business in the passenger sector. nonetheless it is rather normal in this country for successful traffic connections to be copied by other companies, and ido has no reason for self-pity. their press release:

“İDO, 2012 Mart ayında başlattığı İDOBÜS hizmetini 2 Ocak 2014 tarihi itibariyle sonlandırmaya karar verdiğini üzülerek bildirmektedir. Ulaşım pazarına ilk sunulduğu günden itibaren 1 TL’den başlayan fiyatlarla satın alınabilen biletlerle sektöre yenilikçi bir taşımacılık hizmeti getiren ve İstanbul – Bursa arasında uygun fiyatlı, güvenilir, düzenli ve konforlu hizmet veren İDOBÜS bugüne kadar yaklaşık 2,5 milyon yolcu taşımıştır.
İDO Yönetiminden yapılan açıklamada gelişmelerle ilgili şunlar söylendi: “İstanbul ve Bursa halklarına değerli bir hizmet verdiğimizin bilincinde olduğumuz için İDO olarak bu kararı vermemiz kolay olmadı. Ancak, Bursa Belediyesi tarafından devlet eliyle desteklenen bir rakip olarak piyasaya sürülen BUDO seferleri bize başka bir seçenek bırakmamıştır. Bu rotada devlet eliyle finansal olarak desteklenen bir hizmet, istikrarsız bir rekabet ortamına zemin hazırlamış ve söz konusu rota üzerinde yapılan seferlerden İDO’nun zarar etmesi operasyonların sonlandırılmasına neden olmuştur.”
İDO, bu hattaki deniz otobüsü seferlerini sonlandırırken, yüksek kaliteli hızlı feribot seferleriyle her zaman olduğu gibi tüm yolcularına hizmet vermeye devam edecek. İDO ayrıca bu hatta ve tüm diğer hatlarında yakın gelecekte piyasaya yeni ürünler sunmak için çalışmalarını tüm hızıyla sürdürüyor.
Vapurda kaza

Sirkeci'de saat 15.00'da arabalı vapura alınan son araç, kapak üzerindeyken bilinmeyen nedenle denize düştü. Denize düşen araçtaki 4 kişi yaralı olarak çıkarıldı. Hastaneye kaldırılan yaralılardan 3 yaşındaki Ece Su Yılmaz hayatını kaybetti.
Olay, Sirkeci'deki arabalı vapur iskelesinde saat 15.20 sıralarında meydana geldi.
Edinilen bilgilere göre, 3 kadın ile 3 yaşında bir kız çocuğunun bulunduğu otomobil, Sirkeci'den Harem'e giden arabalı vapura son araç olarak binmek üzereydi. Kapak üzerindeki araç, henüz bilinmeyen nedenle suya düştü. Aracın denize düştüğünü gören görevliler durumu deniz polisine bildirdi.
Haber icin tesekkürler. Nereden ögrendin?
Sehir hatlari ne yapacak acaba? Adalar'a giden vapurlar yazin con yogun oluyor. Onlar da Besiktas'a ya da Karaköy'e mi tasiyacak yoksa eskisi gibi Eminönü'nden mi kalkacak?
Kadiköy seferleri muhtemelen iptal olacak, bogaz'a giden vapurlar kabatas'a ugramadan gececek.
Budo Karaköy'de hangi iskele kulanacak? Hem vapur isekelesi hem motor iskelesi cok yogun oluyor. Uluslarasi terminal mi kulanacak? Kocaman kruaziyer gemiler arasindan mi kalkacak?
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Fener and Balat Piers to Reopen Jan. 20

Walked around the Golden Horn yesterday and noticed that Fener and Balat iskelesi are both renovated. I asked at Ayvansaray iskelesi and was told they were supposed to reopen January 20 2017, but the date remained unconfirmed. I really thought they were given up for good. I checked this thread and found they had been closed down for repairs in October 2011. 5 1/2 years to redo two tiny little piers at some of the touristic popular stops on the Golden Horn - yes, this is once again a record, dear ibb!
İstinye – Çubuklu arabalı vapur hattını hizmete alıyor

Acilacak metro yokken referandumdan önce yeni vapur acilisi yapmasi lazim.

"İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Şehir Hatları A.Ş., İstanbul trafiğine önemli bir katkı sağlayacak İstinye – Çubuklu arabalı vapur hattını hizmete alıyor. Asya-Avrupa geçişlerini 8 dakikaya indirecek hattın deneme seferleri yarından itibaren (21 Mart Salı) başlıyor."

Eger bir arabali vapur "trafiğine önemli bir katkı sağlayacak"sa ücüncü köprü Istanbul icin ne kadar faydasiz oldugunu tekrar gösteriyor.
Simdilik 30 dk.da bir, yogun saatlerde bir cikis yapmasi planlaniyor. Bu bir az az degil mi?

Bu arada Fener ve Balat Iskeleleri hala kapali duruyor nedense.
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Ferries on Bosporus now all day

Yaz tarifesi cikti. Gercekten cok iyi haberler var. Nihayet Balat ve Fener iskeleleri yeniden acildi. Onun disinda bogaz vapurlari artik gün boyunca calisiyor. Eminönü-Sariyer ve Üsküdar-Beykoz 40-60 dk. aralikta kalkiyor saat 20.30'a kadar. Sadece hafta icinde calisiyorlar malesef. Neden hafta sonunda Bogaz trafiginn en yogun günlerinde calisimiyorsa anlamak mümkün degil, neyse. Onun disinda günde bir kac Karaköy-Bostanci seferleri yeni olarak sayilabilir.
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