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T.R.N.C. (Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus)

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Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque in Gazimagusa

An Orthodox Church in Dipkarpaz

Girne Castle

and some more...

Glapsides beach in Gazimagusa


Near Taskent Village

Dogu Akdeniz University Spring fest

Graduation Ceremony

Lala Mustafa Pasa Dome

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Those are nice pictures.
About architecture only, I don't really like the mosque, the minaret doesn't fit the gothic church I think.
I think the minaret should have been built in the western gothic style rather.

This isn't a good mix of style I think. I also don't think the gothic style goes well with islam, I don't know why, but that's how I feel it.
I agree with you. A Professor from Austria said " when we deffen Vienna agaist Ottomans, we did good. But we lost the chance to see the influence of gothic art at Islam".

The cathedral of St. Nicholas / Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque is the largest medieval building in Famagusta/Gazimağusa and was commenced in 1300 AD. It must be noted that the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages often took more than 100 years to complete, so was St. Nicholas was completed about 1400.

The Gothic style of architecture closely resembles closely the great cathedral of Rheims in Paris, France. Similarly, St. Sophia in Nicosia (now Selimiye Mosque) and Bellapais Abbey all seem to be the work of French architect, and this is understandable when one realises that the Kings of Cyprus from 1190 to 1489 were all of the French Lusignan dynasty who, at least in their churches, "Frenchified" Cyprus.

The main facade of the building is the west front and this is shown in the picture. There are three large gabled and canopied doorways as can be seen in the picture, the vast amount of carved stone work being very impressive.

Above the main central door is a large wheel window set in decorative tracery, a common feature of French cathedrals and known asa rose window. There is a similar rose window in the refectory hall at the Bellapais Abbey. The upper parts of the two towers suffered damage during the Ottoman bombardment of 1571 and when the Ottoman Turks captured the town from the Venetians, the cathedral was converted into a Mosque and a minaret was added.

The full name of the cathedral is the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque. In accordance with Muslim religion all images of the human form in stone, fresco, or in stained glass windows were removed or plastered over. However, all aspects of the Gothic tracery have been preserved. the canopied doorways of the west front are typical of French cathedrals. No doubt the niches on either side of the porch contained stone statues of Biblical saints as in Notre Dame, Paris. This style of ecclesiastical architecture is known as the "Decorative Period".

The interior is of course a Muslim prayer hall, the floor being covered with carpets, and all visitors must go round with the Imam. The main hall in a church is known as the nave, and here the Lusignans were crowned as kings of Cyprus.

Tradition claims that they also received the crown of Jerusalem, as by about 1350 the Crusaders had failed to take Palestine and so these French knights came to Cyprus to set up a Jerusalem monarchy in exile!

The lancet windows were probably decorated with stained glass but it was unsafe to have wide windows as Cyprus suffers from severe earthquakes. Also because of this, the nave had to be strengthened with flying buttresses.

In 1571, altars and tombs were swept away and all frescoes were plastered over but the guide will show visitors a few medieval tombs that have survived, in the north aisle.
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Exarchus said:
I think the minaret should have been built in the western gothic style rather.

This isn't a good mix of style I think. I also don't think the gothic style goes well with islam, I don't know why, but that's how I feel it.
I guess this is the only gothic mosque in the Islamic world, I agree with you about the minaret...and in the future they may turn it to a museum like Hagia Sophia..(no offense,this is my personal idea)
Northern Cyprus is so beautiful, it is so sad that no other country except Turkey recognizes it as a country...beautiful people,beautiful climate,beautiful settings...etc..
Very nice thread.Nice country and Beautiful pics too.
Absolutely fantastic!
fantastic :eek:kay:

i remember visiting KKTC when I was younger....good times....
nice pix from KKTC, i thought to study there last year but KKTC is very expensive generally... i want to visit it again
The gothic mosque is incredible.

personally i like the minaret addition - it is just so damn unusual. as someone earlier said, it is perhaps the only gothic 'mosque' in the world - and hence, an architectural treasure.

Really, it's one of the most unusual buildings I've ever seen.

Here is where architecture begins to reveal the history of a place -

the stone itself tells a story . . .


a very beautiful island too.
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