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[Tabriz] Cable Bridge Triplet Towers | 3x23fl |Proposed

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Cable Bridge Triplet Towers
Employer: Darvish Food Ind. Group
Area: 35000 Square Meters
Occupancy: Resudential, Commercial

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man sargije migiram vaqti mishmaram :D age zahmati nist titlo eslah kon
khodaish namashun zeshte
why cant they build a normal good looking building like these :

(the above twin towers are going up very quickly in toronto right now, i see them every week)

or if they want less glass there are many good examples in iran and like these

they go for such cheasy looks

i hope towers get built but better designs, yani mohandesaye ma be in andaze bad saligheo eftezahan (not to anyone here if some of our forumers are engineers, im saying the people who designs these )
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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