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No active forumers from Bohol?

The vibrant domestic tourism. :eek:kay:

Domestic Tourism Seen More Vibrant

By Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat
February 5, 2013, 5:11pm

Domestic tourism has turned out to be more vibrant with local tourists expected to rise 35 million this year and contributing over P800 billion in revenues or eight times more than the P100 billion generated from foreign tourists.

Tourism Assistant Secretary Bong Bengzon said at the launch of the 20th Travel Tour Expo 2013 that domestic tourists are expected to further increase this year to 35 million from over 30 million last year.

The Department of Tourism has yet to come up with the official 2012 figure but based on the 2011 data, local tourists generated over P800 billion in revenues or 8 times more than the P100 billion revenues generated from foreign tourists in that same year.

Bengzon said that local tourism revenues are expected to increase by at least 10 percent this year.

“While we are seeing lots of Filipinos going out of the country, there is greater pride on what the country has to offer so we see more interest in local tourism,” he said.

What is more significant is that Manila is no longer the popular destination for local tourists with Boracay topping the list followed by Cebu, Bohol and Davao. Puerto Princesa was last year’s success story, Bengzon reported.

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Yehey.. Thank you Hakz007 for granting this request....

Game of thrones
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pahiram ng pamasahe papuntang bohol:lol:

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It's been many many years since I visited Bohol. Looking forward to go there again!

rex the traveller
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Int’l artists in Bohol for Nat’l Arts Month’s ‘Likha Asya’
By Rey Anthony H. Chiu
Tuesday 5th of February 2013

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Feb. 5 (PIA) -- International artists from at least four countries in Asia will be in Bohol on February 26-30, to take part in the Likha Asya, a highlight of the National Arts Month (NAM) 2013.

National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Chair of the Drama Committee and Bohol Festival chairman Lutgardo Labad said that Bohol would host at least four major national and international events in line with the NAM in February.

Labad, during the first coordination meeting for the event, said artist performers, resource persons and craftsmen from Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan and Filipino counterparts will be in Bohol to share regional experiences, best practices and innovations in a bid to strengthen consciousness during the Likha Asya.

According to the NCCA, Likha Asya is the First Asian Festival and Conference on Community Theater, Creative Industries and Community-Based Tourism for Sustainable Livelihoods.

Likha Asya will take off in Bohol on Feb. 26 to 28, where majority of the activities are set at the Bohol Cultural Center and the Abatan Ecological Theater in Cortes, said Labad.

Labad said that aside from sharing sessions, Likha Asya also brings in regional arts performances, arts flea markets, fora and conventions.

It is envisioned to be a venue for a cross-cultural exchange of practice and imagination in the artistic industries and in informative tourism, Labad said.

Sharing for the Philippines is a network of theater workers in the Visayas composed of thespians from communities and school-anchored theater organizations doing a collaborative effort for theater as a tool for empowering communities through cultural education in a movement called Lihok Bisaya, he explained.

Lihok Bisaya is an informative organization of seven community-based informative groups in the Visayas region that will interact with identical groups in Asia, where each group details an essay of how each have made livelihood in their respective regions using the creative arts.

Labad also explained that Likha Asya convenes most of its activities at the Bohol Cultural Center but moves to some locations for performances including the Abatan Ecological Theater in Cortes, Punta Cruz Watch Tower and possibly Dauis Church Complex.

During the coordination meeting attended by local artists and cultural workers including tourism workers, Bohol Center for Culture and Arts Development Head Enriquita Butalid said Capitol is also joining the flurry of activities for the Arts Month with their Art Icons exhibit as well as its Arts Bazaar. (FCR/RAHC/PIA Bohol)

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Jagna tops Bohol ’12 Nutrition Awardees

TAGBILARAN CITY –Jagna town nutrition program tops the Provincial search for the best nutrition program of 2012, its second consecutive achievement that could lead it to a citation as among Nutrition Honor Awardees.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla and town nutrition officer Anita Ocmeja excitedly received the plaque and cash award during the Nutrition Awarding ceremonies at the Jjs Seafoods Restaurant February 7.

Bohol Provincial Nutrition Evaluation Team leader Julieta Manliguez said it was a tough fight which Jagna got after besting Bohol’s 43 other town programs evaluated for in this year.

She also explained that the evaluation was based on a template provided by the National Nutrition Council which also adds up some 5 more points to towns which deserve to get a bonus of 5 points for program innovation.

Jagna romped with some 101.62 points to top the search, followed by Garcia-Hernandez with 100.45 points.

Among the top ten municipal nutrition program awardees were Ubay (100.03), San Miguel (99.87), Trinidad (99.82), Alicia (99.62), Corella (98.54), Sikatuna (98.33), Balilihan (97.11) and Candijay (96.24).

For their victories, Garcia Hernandez Mayor Migueliti Galendez, San Miguel Mayor Claudio Bonior, Trinidad Mayor Roberto Cajes, Corella Mayor Jose Nicanor Tocmo, Sikatuna Mayor Jose Ellorimo and other own representatives of mayors attended the awarding rites.

Awarding guest of honor, Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto hailed the towns for leading Bohol’s best nutrition programs but even challenged them to a bigger performance this year.

Chatto, who chairs the Provincial Nutrition Council pointed out that “recognizing good performance every year allows local nutrition planners to establish a benchmark for their targets to achieve the following year.”

The governor however reminded everyone present to make sure that the good performance is not because of the award.

“We are not doing good performance because of the awards, let it be clear that our ultimate goal is zero malnutrition for all of Bohol,” Chatto reminds nutrition action officers, barangay nutrition scholars and local officials cramped in a room at the Jjs Seafoods during the simple ceremonies.

Also cited during the activity were Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Councils from Bohol’s three districts.

Barangay Candavid of Maribojoc of Bohol’s First District, Guinobatan of Trinidad town for the Second District and Cayacay of Alicia town also received plaques and awards for their barangay programs.

For his part, Chatto again committed to this year’s winner more awards in the form of project funds from the provincial government. He then instructed the winners to submit project proposals which are in line with nutrition program, for Capitol to fund them. (RAC)

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As Bohol embarks on a new era of development…
PDC tackles province’s dev’t plans

The Provincial Development Council (PDC) started the ball rolling for the year with its Executive Committee Meeting Wednesday by giving its full attention to various programs and projects its member sectors are planning for the Province of Bohol.

Council Chair Gov. Edgar M. Chatto presided over the meeting, giving his insights on each project based on his experiences of more than three decades of public service.

Matters discussed were the Supplemental Annual Investment Program for the current year, the Bohol Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, the Priority Development Programs and Projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), and the Proposed Small Reservoir Irrigation Projects in Bohol of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).

Although still on the proposed lists, all were taken up diligently, zeroing on infrastructure projects like the provincial and national roads and the problem on water supply particularly those for our small farmers.

DPWH also presented their development plans for 2014 covering the three districts. Copies were submitted to the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), and formally endorsed as a pre-requisite for subsequent endorsement to the Regional Development Council (RDC).

First District infra proposed projects

First District OIC Engr. Francis Antonio Flores reported that their office is recommending for the assets preservation of national roads which had been generated from pavement management system, citing preventive maintenance and road upgrading as priorities in intermittent concrete road sections along the Cortes-Balilihan-Catigbian-Macaas Road; and also, along the Antequera-San Isidro-Libertad-Tubigon Road, which need conversion from gravel to paved.

The Ma. Clara Wharf Road starting from its CPG Avenue Junction up to the Tagbilaran City Port is also being cited for an asphalt overlay, it being one of the major city roads traversed by visiting tourists.

Speaking of tourism, the Province of Bohol now being internationally recognized as a tourism benchmarking site, roads earlier identified as alternate roads to tourism sites are also cited for road upgrading, from gravel to concrete, like the Balilihan-Hanopol-Batuan Road, the Dauis-Panglao Center Road, Sandingan Island Circumferential Road, the Panggangan Causeway, the Tagbilaran North Road-Wisdom School to Manga Public Market which needs improvement of its drainage system, and the Camayaan section of Balilihan.

Rehabilitation, strengthening and widening of national roads and bridges in Catagbacan and Pondol in Loon, Albur, Balilihan and Panggangan, Calape would also be given priority by the DPWH.

Also, several other roads in Panglao, Maribojoc, Antequera and Catigbian are being eyed for upgrading from asphalt to concrete including the concreting of its road shoulders, line canals and bike lanes in these areas.

Second District infra proposed projects

Second District Engr. Gregorio Sayson also talked of assets preservation of national roads and bridges in his area which is very similar to that of the First District, like the asphalt overlay in sections of certain roads. These include the Tagbilaran North Road, Tagbilaran East Road going to Jagna, Loay Interior Road, Talibon Road, and the Carmen-Sagbayan-Bacani Road.

There would also be some road upgrading, from gravel to concrete, based on the gravel road strategies traffic benchmark for upgrading to Paved National Road Standards, widening and concrete paving for the Antequera-San Isidro-Libertad (Tubigon) Road, concreting of shoulders with curb and gutter along national roads in the Ubay and Talibon sections.

Flood control and drainage systems will be set up in Inabanga, Ubay, Clarin, Dimiao and Getafe.

Roads leading to tourist destinations would also be given priority in 2014 in the Second District, as in District One.

Third District infra proposed projects

For the Third Eng’g. District, Engr. Edilberto Ativo gave out similar projects for 2014 like the building of access roads to tourism areas, repair of bridges and the preservation of intermittent sections of roads in Bilar, Loboc, Batuan, Guindulman, Jagna, Duero, Valencia, Garcia-Hernandez, Lila, Loay, Dimiao, Candijay and Alicia.

As in the first two districts, flood control and seawall protection in certain areas of the Third District would be addressed, Bohol’s quick response to climate change.

Naturally, after discussions regarding roads and bridges, water supply for the province next became a priority topic.

More irrigation projects for farmers

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) under Engr. Diosdado Rosales presented their own development plans for Bohol proposing Small Reservoir Irrigation Projects (SRIPs).

Bohol, basically an agricultural province, largely recognizes NIA projects, among them SRIPs, which have become contributory factors that triggered rapid economic development and a span for progress in the province that has become an inspiring stimulus for Boholanos.

With the effects of climate change on agricultural production particularly on water supply caused by unpredictable rainfall patterns, SRIPs are adoptive schemes to mitigate its ill effects.

SRIPs can cause a total development of agricultural economy for the areas covered, improving the living condition of farmers, increase employment opportunities, and provide stable rice supply in the province and its neighbors.

Proposed SRIPs were the so-called Mabini-Cayacay SRIP, Bonot-bonot SRIP for Buenavista, Benliw SRIP for Ubay, Calunasan SRIP for Calape and the Hibale SRIP for Danao, some of which have already been started but all of which will be completed in 2017.

The NIA also presented to the PDC their proposal for a Bohol Northeast Basin Multi-Purpose Dam Project explaining to the body three different options for implementation, which would still undergo close scrutiny and a more detailed study.

Chatto cited cooperation as key

Apparently happy with the discussions, Gov. Chatto said that he is pleased with the way all agencies work together, having in mind Bohol’s condition and the Boholanos’ state of affairs.

“Bohol has surpassed all expectations because we worked and are working together,” the multi-awarded governor of the country’s multi-awarded province said with conviction. (jlv/EDCom)

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US surgeons’ big mission a Chatto b-day gift to people
By: Ven rebo Arigo

United States-based Filipino and foreign doctors and nurses are arriving for this year’s first biggest Bohol surgical mission on the birthday of Gov. Edgar Chatto, whose one banner thrust is health for all.

The mission is sponsored by the provincial government and Chatto, who is turning 53 on February 21, values the grand humanitarian act for the sick poor and other’s lives as his priceless birthday gift to himself---and the Boholanos.

The team boasts of topnotch surgeons and experienced nurses from the Association of Filipino Physicians of Southern Illinois (AFPSI) led by no less than a Boholano from Loay, Dr. Renato Rivera, plus volunteer expert physicians from different American states.

Philippine Gift of Life (PGL) President/Chief Executive Officer Francisca Baluyot said the major surgical mission, dubbed the “Operation: Giving Back Bohol,” will be done at the Borja Family Hospital (BFH) here on February 16-23.

Baluyot is the consultant to the governor on medical and surgical missions and the PGL principally coordinates, as in all past massive operations, the upcoming huge life-saving event.

All for free, the doctors perform corrective surgeries and similar procedures on patients who cannot otherwise afford the high cost of the major operations on goiter, myoma, gall bladder, cleft lip/palate, hernia, breast cyst and other cases.

This is the US doctors’ seventh massive surgical service here and the Boholanos, especially the indigent patients, can only thank for the selflessness of the mission team, the governor and all other organizers, sponsors and supporters.

One of the first surgeons to arrive here tomorrow is Dr. Francisco Mora, who is in the elite list of Who’s Who and a Patients’ Choice awardee in Florida.

The advance group will conduct initial pre-screening on potential thyroid goiter surgery patients at the BFH, which has achieved a remarkable expansion and upgrading of its operating rooms now considered the best in Bohol.

The use of the facilities at the BFH, where some past major missions were also done, is possible thru Dr. Melinda Borja, the hospital medical director; Dr. Pepe Borja, administrator; Dr. Kazan Baluyot, chief of clinic; and Dr. Maria Melinda Borja-Chiong.

The provincial government sponsors the mission thru Chatto as well as Vice Gov. Concepcion Lim, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan health committee chaired by Board Member Cesar Tomas Lopez, and Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio II.

Being the chairman of the mission-coordinating PGL, Dr. Ramie Cadag, who is likewise based in America, has since been here last week.

Cadag happens to be the father-in-law of one of the New York police officers who came right to Bohol last week and shared their expertise to the TaRSIER 117, an emergency response system which is another life rescue innovation of the Chatto administration.

They visited and had a dinner at Baluyot’s house.

Baluyot said the week-long surgical mission, actually one of the highlights of the traditional service-to-the-people activities during Chatto’s birthday, is supported by the Department of Health thru Sec. Enrique Ona and Usec. Elmer Punzalan.

The major humanitarian affair is assisted by the Association of Municipal Health Officers of the Philippines - Bohol Chapter led by Dr. Josephine Jabonillo; Bohol Medical Society thru its president, Dr. Mary Ann Ruiz; Philippine Nurses Association - Bohol Chapter led by Casilda Lapiz; Provincial Health Office headed by Dr. Reymoses Cabagnot; and capitol’s special projects unit under Liza Flores.

The screening and physical examination of all pre-listed patient-beneficiaries is on-going at the Borja hospital.

The patients are evaluated by the mission-participating Philippine-Bohol team of medical practitioners who include Drs, Melinda Borja, Kazan Baluyot, Maria Melinda Chiong, Mary Ann Ruiz, Dr. Josephine Jabonillo, Jamie Piquero, Julia Maape, Julius Romero, Harold Gallego, Greg Sodusta, Raymond Maniwang and Romualdo Rosario.

While sustaining free massive medical-surgical services, capitol under Chatto is also lauded for its heightened government hospital upgrading, widened Philhealth coverage, sustained hospitalization subsidy, strengthened district health zone, intensified barrio medical outreach and other essential life programs, Baluyot said.

Health is the first meaning of Chatto’s steamy service delivery program “HEAT Bohol.”

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Awed by Bohol’s social welfare programs

Just a few days after receiving its latest national citation as Best LGU in social welfare delivery, Bohol lives up to its standing as a learning destination.

Social Development Specialist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Yukiko Ito said DSWD Central Office recommended Bohol as destination for the community-driven development learning visit of the 16-man delegation from the countries of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Federated States of Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam.

The trip was aimed at providing an opportunity for the selected developing member countries to study the elements, features, and processes of the Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) program implemented through the DSWD.

Along with a cross learning visit to some of the project sites, it also wished to identify key strategies, next steps or options that can be adopted to enhance the program implementation in the participating countries.

Yukiko Ito, who headed the delegation, said Bohol was identified as one of the most successful implementers of the program.

As recipient of the Gawad Paglilingkod sa Sambayanan award, DSWD acknowledged Bohol as first in the region to fully implement its projects under the KALAHI-CIDSS program, largely due to the counterpart fund support that the Provincial Government provided to all beneficiaries.

Gov. Edgar M. Chatto welcomed the delegates in a forum, in which the prosperity programs of Bohol were presented.

In the short interaction, Chatto explained the commitment of leadership in the province to reduce poverty through programs that empower the community, an objective that is aligned with the KALAHI-CIDSS program, which relies heavily on community involvement.

Among initiatives discussed during the forum were the Bahay Kubo FAITH HOPE and CHARITY programs, Let’s Help Bohol, HEAT caravan, among others.

The delegation devoted a day to inspect sites that implemented projects such as a health center, farm to market road, water system, footbridge, and an energization project.

Assessments on the impact of the KALAHI-CIDSS project in the province will serve as basis for the planned expansion of the program. (Leah/EDCOM)

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I find Bohol so beautiful and the people are friendly. One of the best place to go on vacation.

Dami palang Car showroom sa Tagbilaran, Bohol

Ford Motors? I'm I right?


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repost . . .


JCAD TOWER ONE at tagbilaran, a first-of –its-kind development in Bohol

A vertical condominium concept offering all world-class facilities and amenities inspired from the best retail, office and residential condominium communities’ in the world- but with space to move, space to play & work, most especially space to bond and grow.
Feeling serene starts at home, where everything that keeps you healthy and happy is only a push of an elevator button away .unwind above the city in your very own penthouse or sky garden with palm trees and flowers, enjoy relaxing ways to play in your exclusive third level playground, and discover more amenities. .

Tower one features of a standout community:
• Nature inspired community
• Cozy executive studio units and one-to-two bedroom homes
• Third level mini garden-deck w/ a swimming pool, reflexology and meditation area, large lawn,playground,landscape garden w/ sitting areas, a meeting and function rooms and a day care center.
• Like a nature trail at the mini-garden while your love ones enjoying a dip in the pool.
• Well planned for a comfortable living
• Whether you’re looking for a first home or a place to spend the first day of a new life.
• Retail establishments and restaurants at the ground floor
• Minutes away from malls ,bus terminal and leisure establishments

BELIEF is never a whisper or a faint twinkle of light. BELIEF is a torrent, an all-consuming fire that burns unceasing, coming with a force that moves mountains and achieve great things. We at JCAD salute’s our BELIEF in all its forms, because it drives our very essence, from every blueprint drawn, every brick laid, and every key turned over. BELIEF is the heart of our business.
‘’We at JCAD do not settle for building low-grade condominium or simply a box of living space,” said the CEO of JCAD Properties, Mr. Arniel Joshua Armamento . “Every home or community that we introduce to the market has to be well-planned; offer a unique and life enhancing experience, and give the best value. It would take us months to plan because we only launch when these qualifications are strictly met.” The CEO exclaimed.

JCAD Properties innovative lifestyle concepts have always left a strong impact on its residents and the real estate industry.
This tower features a holistic lifestyle with its integrated live-work-play components, including shopping, dining, entertainment, relaxation and even wellness.

In the years ahead, JCAD’s BELIEF to innovate in Philippine real estate will only grow stronger. “We found our purpose and belief in this business. “ said the JCAD team.

….. Nothing compares to life’s first at JCAD TOWER ONE

Naay new development ang Tagbilaran City.

New tower will rise at Dampas district. "JCAD Tower One Condominium" :banana::banana:

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Alona White Beach, Panglao, Bohol

There are so many old Churches in Bohol.

Loboc River Cruise

The Man-made Forest...
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