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Here's Taipei version of suburbs, for those who like density. With one exception, all the pictures posted here were taken outside Taipei City, in Taipei County.

Let's start:
Yonghe city 永和 (I will use characters and pinyin), south of Taipei, my old neighborhood

main streets

the labyrinth of lanes and alleys

you need to go to the roof to see this madness from above

Zhonghe city 中和, right behind Yonghe, me new neighborhood

oh, here is some space and greenery

the alternative - rooftop garden

back to the street

here we eat breakfast

not exactly Suzhou, but... we also have canals

business park

and elevated road

mountains south of Taipei Basin

views toward Xindian 新店

Taipei Basin looks like this, all built up

Banqiao city 板橋, south west of Taipei, capitol and the biggest city in Taipei County


Banqiao Train Station area, with Taipei County Government

Xindian city 新店, south east of Taipei

Shulin city 樹林, south west of Taipei, behind Banqiao, less dense, and more industrialised area, from mountains here you can see Taiwan High Speed Rail

the edge of the city

Sanchong 三重, west of Taipei, right across the river from Taipei Main Sation

toward Taipei

Zhuwei 竹圍, north of Taipei

Xizhi 汐止, east of Taipei

another business park

and finally, for those who didn't survive this threat (this one is in Taipei City)

or alternative (Taipei County)

RIP :runaway:

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I think in the large/main streets Taipei looks cleaner/better maintained than Guangzhou, although Guangzhou has improved a lot.
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