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Taipei| HTC Taipei Headquarters | 81m | 17fl | U/C

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Thats the most boring building I've ever seen. They must be really cheacp and skipped t,he architect.
Disappointed.. Especially coming from HTC

But then again, it's HTC whose paying for the building, not us. I think this means beggars cannot be choosers......
omg, what moron designed this shoe box? where is the imagination? im sorry, but even payless shoes has more beautiful and elegant shoe boxes than this atrocious scribbling.
I think one issue need to consider, the rendering is not very detailed.
This rendering does not like the renderings usually see in
It looks like a vertical parking garage.
but again, typical box shaped building seen around Taiwan.. not TOO surprised
they should at least cover it with solar panels being the rising hi-tech global company that they are! :eek:hno: someone should email this thread to ceo cher wang!!
HTC building last week. I think that without the protections it will looks better.

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No comment on this building =.= HTC No.1 selling brand in USA, but headquarters looks like they not making any money :p hahaha!
No comment on this building =.= HTC No.1 selling brand in USA, but headquarters looks like they not making any money :p hahaha!
yup! they couldve at least been a bit more creative and made the window pattern form an "H" for HTC. and why are the windows so friggin small and narrow? it looks like a corporate prison. i guess ceo cher want doesnt want her employees to have a view so they can concentrate on work and not look outside and daydream. or maybe employees dont want sunlight coming in. taiwanese are renowned to hate tanning. :lol:
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Taiwanese designers need to get closer to the edge, be more courageous and create their own visions for the future, international design experts who recently visited Taipei for a world design congress said.

“Taiwan needs more crazy people, people who really want to express themselves,” said Peter Zec, president of Germany’s red dot design award, during a meeting with press during the International Design Alliance Congress in Taipei late last month. “Taiwan is on a very good level of executing design, but when it comes to really outstanding design, it is not there at the moment.”

“I would encourage them [Taiwanese designers] to go more to the edge,” he added.
taiwan needs more foreign designers and architects. period. foreigners are crazier. :lol:
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compare that to apple's new headquarters:

i think this is more representative of the broader mindset and huge differences in culture between taiwanese/asians and westerners. this is why the west - especially americans - have been so successful at churning out brands and global companies. westerners just think BIG, bold, different and creative. they think outside 'the box'. htc's new headquarters is LITERALLY a box and representative of how taiwanese/asians are taught to think - always inside the box. so you can tell how both companies operate and strategize just by looking at their headquarters. this is why i think apple will continually produce cutting edge innovative products and world-class designs that everyone around the world wants where htc will keep playing follower and catching-up.
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most asian cities surrounding taiwan have more sleek and modern looking skylines. taiwan's architechural design and taste is more on the tacky and 'lao tu' side in comparison. i m being blunt because i want the best for taiwan. as i look at pics of taiwanese cities i see endless parades of hideous buildings. i have long wondered why such a huge difference between taiwan and the nearby asians?
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the sad thing about this forum is, most people from other nations wouldn't be complaining if their streetscape looks like this.
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^^ Well, good thing about Taiwan is that there are no suburbia, HTC headquarters at least is in the city unlike the Apple one.
There are suburbs in taiwan. And countryside too.
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