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Taipei, Kaohsiung make top ten favorite tourist destinations for Japanese females

Taipei and Kaohsiung clinched 2nd and 10th spots respectively in the latest poll by Rakuten Travel

By Huang Tzu-ti,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2018/05/16 15:19

Taipei and Kaohsiung ranked 2nd and 10th respectively of the ten most favorite overseas destinations for Japanese female travelers, according to the latest survey by Japan's largest online travel site Rakuten Travel.

The places making the top ten list are Seoul, Taipei, Hawaii, Guam, Busan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Kaohsiung. These destinations appeal to Japanese women for their unique traits spanning diversified culinary culture, relaxed atmosphere, shopping-friendly features, and more.

According to Rakuten Travel, security and traffic are always the two main concerns for female travelers from the Northeast Asian country, reported Liberty Times.

Taipei, known for its good social order and hospitality, is a magnet for Japanese tourists thanks to its gastronomic attractions such as xiaolongbao (小籠包), beef noodle, and shaved mango ice. Tea Houses at Jiufen, a mountain town in New Taipei, are particularly popular among female visitors who indulge themselves sipping Taiwanese tea in tea parlors decorated with red lanterns while having girls’ talk and taking in the mesmerizing night views of the mountainous area of northeastern Taiwan.

Kaohsiung, located in southern Taiwan, not only draws visitors for its harbor city characteristics and night markets, but also revels in the eyes of Japanese female tourists with its cultural vibes. The Pier-2 Art Center, (駁二藝術特區) which embodies the city's vibrant art scene, and the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (蓮池潭龍虎塔) bearing Taiwan’s traditional features, are some of the highlights Kaohsiung offers.

Based on figures by the Tourism Bureau, Taiwan saw 100,000 female tourists from Japan in March alone, a record high for any single month over the past year.
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