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Taipei's Mega Railway/Metro Expansion

High Speed Rail

THSRC, Taipei-Kaohsiung, 2006
8 stations
39km Mined Tunnels
8km of Cut and Cover Tunnels
251km of Viaducts and Bridges
31km Cut and Fill Embankments

Train: Kawasaki, Nippon Sharyo, Hitachi

Tilting Train

East Coast Express, Taipei-Hualian, 2006

Train: Hitachi


New TRA Commuter Rail, 2007

Trains: Taiwan Rolling Stock Corp./ Nippon Sharyo

Shanchai, Taipei County

Yangmei, Taoyuan County

Hukou, Hsinchu County

Hsinfeng, Hsinchu County

Chunan, Hsinchu County


Taipei MRT Projects

Current Network:

Future Network:

Brown Line Neihu Extension, 2008
14.8 km
12 stations

Siemens/Matra VAL


Sungshan Airport Station

Dazhi Station

Jian South Rd. Station

Xihu Station

Gangqian Station

Wende Station

Neihu Station

Dahu Station

Huzhou Station

Donghu Station

Nangang Business Park North Station

Nangang Business Park South Station

Orange Line, 2010
19.7 km
16 stations



Dongmen Station

Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station

Songjiang Nanjing Station

Xingtian Temple Station

Zhongshan Elementary School Station

Minquan W. Rd. Station

Daqiao Elementary School Station

Taipei Bridge Station

Cailiao Station

Sanchong Station

Xianse Temple Station

Touqianzhuang Station

Xinzhuang Station

Fujen University Station

Danfeng Station

Huilong Station

Orange Line, Luzhou Extension, 2009
6.4 km
5 stations

Sanchong Primary School Station

Sanhe Middle School Station

St. Ignatius High School Station

Sanmin High School Station

Luzhou Station

Green Line Songshan Extension, 2012
8.5 km
8 stations

Blue Line Extension (Taipei County) 2006
12.7 km
9 stations

Haishan Station

Tucheng Station

Yongning Station

Blue Line Nangang Extension, 2008
2.5 km
2 stations

Nangang Station

Nangang Business Park South 2010 ( Software Park, Exhibition Hall)

Red Line Extension, 2011
6.4 km
5 stations

Daan Park Station

Anhe Station

TWTC/ Taipei 101 Station

Elephant Mountain Station

Taipei /CKS Airport Line, 2011
51 km
21 stations

Taipei Station

Elevated Section - Taipei County

Air Cargo Free Trade Zone

CKS International Airport


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Three if they extend the airport MRT to the Jhongli TRA station (B10).

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That's an incredible expansion, very aggressive timetable too. I'm impressed.

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I'll take about twelve years to complete all three phases of the project, but once it's done Taipei will have 286km of metro, light rail, and tram lines. To put this in perspective, Taipei's system will be about the same size as the Paris metro. :)

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Taipei Airport Express Project

Taiwan starts work on first airport express train

TAIPEI, March 13 (Reuters) - Taiwan has started work on a long-awaited T$113.4 billion ($3.3 billion) express train, modeled on a Hong Kong project, to cut travel times between capital Taipei and its remote international airport, an official said on Friday.

Construction on the major link in the 51-km direct railway between central Taipei and the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport two counties away, began in late February and is expected to end in 2014, the transportation ministry official told Reuters.

The Taiwan government sees construction of the airport express line as a project to jumpstart the island's economy, ruling Nationalist Party (KMT) legislator and central committee Secretary General Wu Den-yih said.

Taiwan is in a recession due to its plummeting exports. Its statistics agency is forecasting five quarters of economic contraction from the third quarter of 2008 to the third quarter of this year.

The transport official said train rides would take about 35 minutes down from today's 45 minutes to an hour by taxi or bus.

Taiwan is looking to Hong Kong as a model for its first airport express train, Wu said.

The Hong Kong train, started in 1998, takes 24 minutes and allows passengers to check in their baggage before reaching the airport on an outlying island.

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Just 35mins from 45mins? I thought they would of decrease the travel time even further! In HK travelling from the city to the airport but bus or car is around 45mins, but by train its 25mins.

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Taipei has extended its metro network quite fast. The system has 7 lines and 89 stations spanning 109.8 km. *Another 110 km are under construction. The system is built and operated by the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC). It is officialy caled ‘Mass Rapid Transit’.

The Taipei MRT is Taiwan's first metro system. It was first planned as rubber tyred metro, but after opening the first line (Muzha) in 1996, it seemed very costly. So later lines were constructed as traditional steel wheeled metro. At first an old suburban rail line was converted to metro line (Damshui) in 1997, and then a totally new metro line (Zhonghe) in 1998. Except 2/3 years, almost every year either new lines or extensions has constructed untill 2010.

Former magnetic paper tickets has recently replaced by electronic plastic tokens.

Many stations has large shopping malls.

Many stations are beautifully decorated.


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Record breaking year for Taipei's MRT network
30 December 2010
The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taipei metro network has broken past records for yearly volume of passengers. From Jan. 1, 2010 until 9:30 a.m. yesterday, the amount incurred this year had reached 500 million, said Tan Kuo-kuang, the new chairman of the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation.

This record, said Tan, will meet the most important requirement to become a member of CoMET. CoMET stands for Community of METROs, an organization of world metro systems that have a volume of at least 500 million passengers a year.

Metro Taipei now is a member of Nova, a benchmarking group which provides medium-sized metropolitan railways around the world the ability to do performance comparison, pursue excellence and learn from each other. After becoming a member of CoMET, Metro Taipei will be able to do technical exchanges with the metro system corporations in some of the biggest cities in the world, such as London, New York, Paris and Moscow.

Tan expressed his appreciation for the support of the passengers, and promised to keep upgrading safety standards and service quality.

According to the metro's records, the volume of passengers in last two years was less than 460 million. The new record this year is attributed to the launch of the Luzhou line.

The metro corporation was not able to find out which passenger hit the 500 million mark, due to the great number of entrances and exits.

Tan said that the Taipei MRT started its service when the Muzha line was put in use on March 28, 1996. The lines that are now in operation include the Wenshan Lake line, Danshui line, Zhongxiao line, Xiaonanmen line, Xindian line, Nangang line, Banqiao line, Tucheng line and Luzhou line. There are 89 stations serving these lines.

Monthly volume in November reached 1,570,000, and 1,860,000 by Dec. 24.

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Another surprising thing about Taipei Metro (as other have said) is with regards to their expansion plans.

The rate of expansion that they are planning is somewhat akin to how fast Singapore is expanding their rail network and somewhat like Japan and what a few European countries are doing.

With that said:
How big *exactly* is Taipei anyway? I'm guessing TRTC is expanding not just within the city of Taipei itself but they've even expanded into Taipei County.

Heck, I think they wanna reach Keelung as well. Holy smokes.


Man, TRTC must really have a lot of money in their hands to pursue such scale of expansion?

However, would their be a point *in the future* where TRTC can't build anymore train lines...........because they've covered the entirety of Taipei (incl. country and Keelung)???

What happens after that?
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