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Taiwan plugs/ power converters

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I will be heading off to Taiwan next week on business. Would I be correct in saying that the Taiwanese plug is the same as that used in Australia? I am from the UK and looking for a plug adaptor from the UK 3-pin plug. Any ideas?

Also, am looking to use my laptop/video camera etc and wonder if I need a step up/down transformer. I believe Taiwan uses 100-127V/60HZ whilst the UK is 220-240v/50HZ.

If you can help, I'd be very grateful.
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Plugs used in Taiwan (110V AC) are the same as those used in the United States, except the US tends to have one slot larger than the other as some retarded form of child protection (it will only go in one way).

From what I saw, Taiwan's sockets are just two identical vertical blades. | |

I am not sure about the third grounding blade that US sockets have, a round blade situated below centre of the two vertical blades. I don't remember =P

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