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Tall Structures

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Last week I made a short trip to Bohemia. In spite of the fact, I did not stay long, I made several photographs of ( tall) structures in Czech

Krašov TV Mast. Height: 347 metres

Prunerov Power Station. On the left, there is Prunerov 1 with its 200 metres chimney on the right Prunerov II with its 300 metres chimney, which looks as it is further away, smaller.

The 300 metres tall chimney of Prunerov II Power Station

Tušimice Power Station. Until I was at home, I could not identify it, as its large chimney does not exist any more

The 200 metres tall chimney of Prunerov II Power Station

Karlovy Vary Mediumwave Transmitter with its 2 masts. The large mast in the foreground is 107 metres tall, that in the background is smaller, but is possibly built already in the 1940ies according .

Boječnice Water Tower. Interesting structure. As I know, there are no guyed water towers in Germany. Where else in Czech are guyed water towers?

Powerline Etzenricht-Hradec south of Chudec. An interesting feature is, that the line uses here insulators in the span field

A strainer pylon of Etzenricht-Hradec powerline north of Zhorec. Electricity pylons of these types are not used in Germany.

Powerline Etzenricht-Hradec crosses border between Germany and Czech

Tag on a pylon of powerline Etzenricht-Hradec in Germany

For comparision: tag of a pylon on the same powerline in Czech

Hradec substation near Rokle, one of the largest electrical substations in Czech

Pipeline under construction near Otricin. Gazela?
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GKK Etzenricht - a now dismantled facility for power interconnection between Germany and Czech

In 1988, a treaty between former West Germany and the former Czechoslovakia was assigned to realize a power interconnection between Bavaria and Czechoslovakia. As at those days the power grids of both countries were not synchronized, an HVDC interconnection was required, which was realized as back-to-back station in Etzenricht, Germany.

Construction of the facility started in 1991 and already in 1992, the trial operation started. In 1993, it went operational, but already in October 1995, it was shut-down, as in October 1995 the power grids of Germany and Czech were synchronized and a direct interconnection was possible. 2 years later, most parts of the facility were dismantled, but remained in place until 2009. Today only the valve hall is there. More information on ( so far no article in Czech Wikipedia. Please make one!)

Pictures from 1999:

Valve Hall with 3 transformers. On the other site of the hall, there are also 3 transformers. The hall housed both inverters, which were used for the HVDC back-to-back link.
Left of the transformers, there is a harmonic filter. The facility used originally 4. The other 3 were dismantled in 1997. Right from the hall, there are the DC reactors used for smoothening the DC.

The harmonic filter

The whole facility as it looked in 1999

The DC reactors, which were used for smootheing the DC.

Today all parts of the HVDC-back-to-back station are gone

Former valve hall with empty transformer bays

A view of the facility as it looks today
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