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This list includes tallest buildings by country that have been completed, enjoy:)

RWANDA: Kigali City Tower, ?m, ?ft, 20 floors, kigali, 2011:
[/url]Kigali City Tower by -Photography Jones-[/IMG]

ALBANIA: TID tower, 85m, 279ft, 25 floors, 2012, Tirana:
[/url]DSC_0710 by -xrispixels-[/IMG]

ALGERIA: Sheranton Oran Tower, 77m, 253ft, 19 floors, 2003, Oran:
[/url]Sheraton Oran, Algeria by -Gary Williams:[/IMG]

ANDORRA: Caldea Tower, 80m, 262ft, 18 floors, 1994, Andorra La Vella:
[/url]caldea 1 by -angelsgermain-[/IMG]

I am sorry, I don't have time to post any more but will do tomorrow morning :)

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Kabul Tower, Afghanistan (87m)

ESCOM Building, Angola (102m)

Le Parc Figueroa, Argentina (173)

DC Towers, Austria (220m)

Q1, Australia (323m, 245m to roof)

Flame Towers, Azerbaijan (190m)

Atlantis Hotel, Bahamas (93m)

Bahrain Financial Harbour, Bahrain (260m)

Bangladesh City Center, Bangladesh (171m)

National Library of Belarus (74m)

Tour du Midi, Belgium (148m)

Torre Girasole, Bolivia (138m)

Avaz Twist Tower, Bosnia-Herzegovina (142m)

Miranto Do Vale, Brazil (170m)

Ministry of Finance, Brunei (120m)

Hotel Rodina, Bulgaria (104m)

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Vattanac Capital, Cambodia (188m)

Prime Ministry Building, Cameroon (90m)

First Canadian Place, Canada (298m)

Torre Costanera, Chile (300m)

Shanghai Tower, China (632m)

Torre Colpatria, Colombia (196m)

Nabememba Tower, Congo (106m)

Torre Paseo Colon, Costa Rica (103m)

Eurotower, Croatia (97m)

Edificio FOSCA, Cuba (130m)

AZ Tower, Czech Republic (111m)

RTNC Congo Building, Congo DR (88m)

Cyprus Trade Bank, Cyprus (66m)

Amtssyguhesut I Herlev, Denmark (120m)

Torre Caney, Dominican Republic (150m)

The Point, Ecuador (140m)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt (143m)

Torre El Pedregal, El Salvador (112m)

Swissotel, Estonia (117m)

African Union Headquarters, Ethiopia (118m)

Tour First, France (231m)

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Batumi University Tower, Georgia (200m)

Commerzbank, Germany (259m)

Athens Tower 1, Greece (103m)

International Commerce Center, Hong Kong (484m)

Smáratorg Tower, Iceland (78m)

The Imperial, India (256m)

Wisma 46, Indonesia (250m)

Tehran International Tower, Iran (162m)

Grand Ishtar Hotel, Iraq (99m)

Elysian Tower, Ireland (68m)

Moshe Aviv Tower, Israel (235m)

Unicredit Tower, Italy (231 meters, 146m to roof)

Abeno Harukas, Japan (300m)

Le Royal Hotel, Jordan (105m)

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Northern Lights 1, Kazakhstan (180m)

Times Tower, Kenya (140m)

Al Hamra Tower,Kuwait (413m)

Petronas Towers, Malaysia (452m, 379m to roof)

Bank of Mauritius Tower, Mauritius (124m)

Torre Mayor, Mexico (225m)

Maastoren, Netherlands

Vero Center, New Zealand (167m)

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea (330m)

Sheraton Oman, Oman (c.60-70m)

Trump Ocean Club, Panama (284m)

Bank of Communications, Phillippines (259m)

Westin Tower, Peru (120m)

Palace of Culture and Science, Poland (237m, 188m to roof)

Aspire Tower, Qatar (300m)

Abraj Al Bait, Saudi Arabia (601m, 558m to roof)

UOB Plaza, Singapore (280m)

Carlton Center, South Africa (223m)

Northeast Trade Tower, South Korea (305m)

Torre De Cristal, Spain (250m)

Turning Torso, Sweden (190m)

Taipei 101, Taiwan (509m, 449 to roof)

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Casablanca Twin Center, Morocco (115m)

Floreasca City Sky Tower, Romania (137m)

Radisson Plaza, Norway (117m)

International Waterfront Tower, Trinidad and Tobago (120m)

Bratislava Cental Bank, Slovakia (112m)

Sapphire Tower, Turkey, (261m)

Prime Tower, Switzerland (126m)

Hungarian Parliament Building, Hungary(96m)

Crystal Palace, Slovenia (89m)

Baiyoke Tower, Thailand (304m)

7a Klovski Descent, Ukraine (163m)

Burj Khalifa, UAE (828m)

WTC, Uruguay (180m)

1WTC, USA (541m, 417m to roof)

Torres Parque Cental, Venezuela (263m)

Keangnam Landmark Tower, Vietnam (345m)

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Torre Del Parque Central in Venezuela is 225 meters not 263m.. ^^
WTC Montevideo is not the tallest in Uruguay and not 170m, it's 140m, the tallest in Uruguay is called Torres de las comunicaciones standing at 163 m

And you also forgot some Latin American countries too.

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Genex Tower, Serbia (140m)

City Gate, Moldova (c70m)

Cehavir Towers, Macedonia (136m)

Cirrus, Finland (86m)

Swedbank Central Office, Latvia (120m)

Europa Tower, Lithuania (148m)

Cour de Justice, Luxembourg (103m)

Portomaso Business Tower, Malta (98m)

Tour Odeon, Monaco (170m)

Torre de Mosanto, Portugal (120m)

WTC, San Marino (c40m)
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