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Tallinn construction map

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I am starting a new thread for the Tallinn construction map which I have created to develop it further together and share comments, deadlines and new developments:

There is also a possibility for others to collaborate on the map, just let me know and I will add you.

I have included mainly business and apartment buildings and public developments.
This map does not include stores, production facilities and warehouses, also not private or duplex houses and row houses. I have also included only the most important reconstruction projects, focus is still on brand new buildings.

Hopefully this will provide a better and up-to-date overview about the developments in Tallinn :)
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And yeah,it's good idea to add largest U/C & planned residential projects (like Vikerlase tn.14B etc.)
Keep it updated, just in case the Old Man of Ülemiste reads this forum.
This map is even better now that Google launched street view for Tallinn! :happy:
if u can u shud add the residental projects as well.
You have University of Tallinn's Astra building marked but you don't have Nova, which is quite close to completion too:
I now added the Nova building as well. Thanks!
I've updated the map with additional objects, some smaller apartment building projects as well.,24.76696&spn=0.090103,0.338173

For new members - this is a map based on mainly the forum posts of Tallinn development news.

Some projects are ongoing, some will never happen, but it's still a decent overview.

Kopli has some crazy development plans for the future, let's wait and see!

I thought to delete the ERR new building from the map, as it was confirmed to be abandoned. Any other suggestions, which projects should be deleted (note that Tallink city, Tallinn new city hall, EKA new building etc. plans have not been completely buried by the owner, some will modify the plans)

I am also waiting for information, which projects are ready or getting ready as I don't drive through the whole city (I already deleted Tallinn university buildings and Raua 10, which are close to being ready. Kreutzwaldi is next)

Also new development plans are welcome!

Well it still doesn't have Pärnaõue... which is a huge project actually.
Nüüd olemas.
I really like the graphic presentation made for J Poska street project. Good mixed shapes and heights of buildings with a good and more "European" density. I hope there will be a sort of "laneway" style shortcut through the site for pedestrians and even cyclists (pushing the bike).
Some projects have been fully completed and going off the map:

Tehnika 53:

Dirigendi maja (Võidujooksu 1):

Masti 3:

Tohu 6 and 8 (construction of Tohu 10 is now underway though):

I predict there are about 20-30 developments on the map that will be completed this year, approx. 10 of them in the upcoming month (landscaping and other final touches) :|
More completed projects:

Meeliku 21/1

Keemia 7

Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 65

Many others to follow soon !
Stickied this thread ;) Too important to allow it get lost among other Estonian forum threads!
Cool :)

I would also appreciate helpful comments about which projects are missing from the map, which have started, which have been completed etc. Tallinn is such a HUGE city for me to cover it hehe :)
Vesivärava 40 on aegunud foto. Hetkel on menetluses uus detail.
Seal on päris kindlasti mitu aegunud fotot. Lihtsalt Internetist otsides pole alati saadaval või ei leia üles õigeid pilte.

Kui võimalik, siis võiks jagada siin foorumis kavandeid ja pilte, mida muidu pole saada. Nagu Tulbi 8 oma viimati oli :)

Üldiselt annab ka vana kavand aimu, millises mahus maja on plaanitud teatud krundile.
and some more completed buildings:

Räägu 9 (Supposedly the most energy efficient apartment building in Estonia)

Kärneri 5

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