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a thread about smaller things... those that make a true city...


nb! special thanks to toni for helping!

viru center with the new 5 meter statue of ''twilight'' / ''hämarik''

...flirting with hotel tallink

details of a building on the edge of the old town, from 1925

graffity... definitely a part of a modern city. oh, and i want you to meet my best friend - andri :D

statue of fjodor dostojevski... i have absolutely no idea what he has to do with tallinn and why this statue is here...

that's on the gate of the rotermanni quarter...

and rotermanni's old factories... soon to be renovated

i'm a perv :D notice how everyone's looking right, at the construction of ''foorum''

good friends, as i can see...

...and so i did

details of a school in downtown...

one of the statues on our city hall, holding the lantern. notice the beautiful facade decoration... :)

kawe plaza office building reflecting st.nicolas' and st.john's towers...

statue of anton hansen tammsaare, an estonian writer. in tammsaare park, next to viru hotel...

sculptures on a school dating from 1883, if i remember correctly...

next to the school: statue dedicated to all teachers and students who died in the war of independence in 1918-1920...

estonian coat of arms on the drama theatre...

sculptures on a building on the edge of the old town

welcome to estonia!
art fund building from 1953, on freedom square

''beauty'' on artists' building on freedom square

...and ''work''

freedom clock on freedom square, artists' building is the reddish one in the back.

dragon's gallery in the old town, built in 1909

yes, we're still in tallinn, not in egypt. same building....

building of canute's guild. martin luther on the right. st.canute on the left

schnell's pond which used to be part of a trench surrounding the old town

what's up, ducks?

details on dome church

finnish embassy is protected by this:

monument for the baltic regiment that fought for the estonian independence in 1918-1920

why doesn't architecture have anything like this anymore?

it used to say ''souviet army'' but i've fixed the problem... :)

and finally.... kids in falck's park

hope you liked! :)

p.s. - i'll post more soon... maybe when the thread's on page 2 :D

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Oh wau!! Very nice indeed. Pictures never seen here before.

And I especially enjoyed those pics of my former and ohsodear school!! Lovely building that Reaalkool. :)

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Nice pics. Did you get new camera? Your photos seem to have better quality than before. It`s cool that you have photographed things what usually
people doesn`t notice like sculptures, building details and animals. "Twilight" sculpture is very suitable for NCC, because sculptures, water and trees make NCC more nicer.

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wow, these photos are great! The hämarik Tallink hotel shot is great. I havent succeeded in getting them both in one fram like that, nice job!
edit: I really like "Twilight" status and decorations give a nice feel to the city centre, i cant wait til the Kivisilla str goes under reconstruction, mmm the street will be ultra cool ;) Ah, and the Kalevipoja statue, i cant wait until that also appears... a 14m statue is absolutely huge ;)

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let's carry on...

a small sculpture in front of the town wall

deer / hirve park with its magnificent bastion wall

some sculptures in the park...

dumbo :D

and winnie the pooh

spire of the most recently built church in tallinn

heheh this looks quite ''communist''. a sculpture on a building next to union bank highrise.

welcome to estonia vol.2 :D
spire of the infamous stalinistic buiding from 1954

after that i feel like posting something more estonian. like our coat of arms (again). i've noticed that many old buildings have it...

same building, notice the small leopards

posing next to holy ghost church


i'm quite sure they were norwegian

and what happened here?

this happened

1909 vs. 1999

don't look down!

ok that's it, bye!

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Liked? LOVED these photos of yours, Jarmo! :applause:

Seeing all these statues, and the decorative elements on so many buildings, was a wonderful treat, and I thank you enormously for giving us another one of your wonderful tours of Tallinn. :eek:kay: And thanks also to OL for his help. :)

Jarmo said:
why doesn't architecture have anything like this anymore?
Good question, but I'm afraid the answer is, alas, quite obvious. :( Just take a look at contemporary buildings. They are bereft of decoration. Everything is square and smooth and unadorned. There are no charming, playful details that evoke a story or a sentiment in the beholder. Construction workers nowadays know only how to assemble prefabricated parts, art and artistry have been lost. :cry:

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Intimate and humane, very warm = that's what I thought of these pictures. True to life. :) Very enjoyable to look at these small things, which often go unnoticed.

Nah, my help was nothing at all. Meh. :)

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Thanks for the "detailed" (pun intended) tour of Tallinn, Jarmo! I must visit some day.... :)
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