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Some pics showing changes.

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the only "semi-good" change.

I had no idea there existed such a church!

Good find! I love old pictures, and they are so rare to come by!
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I agree with chileman... not exactly the best changes.. but still okay :)

Good pictures anyway! I'm also a pretty big fan of before-and-after photos!
Yeah, "nice" depletion of city landscape... Would be interesting to make similar pictures here, in Riga - will try myself sometimes ;)
Not that bad acctually, other cities in the region got it way worse
Not bad acctually, other cities in the region got it way worse
I dont know what you mean....
I dont know what you mean....
Meant that other cities got much worse dose of destruction or urban environment "redevelopment", not saying though that what happened to Tallinn is in any way a good thing
/\well yeah there wasnt too much to destroy (the war took care of that), but just the quality of that architecture is horrible.
Good old local tradition of russian monuments removal.Ones there was Peter The Great.
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/\ would be wiser to blame the revolution for that.
A more appropriate name for this thread would be Tallinn.7 years ago&Then :)
Well,nothing change much on these streets in 7 years.
There is still no tramway in Lasnamäe,but check out that thing from 1900
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this is a very-very interesting thread! :)

i remember that some newspaper had these comparisons on the last page - this was always my favorite part of the paper.

thanks a lot, sidoroff!
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