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heippa! I took it to the town yesterday... pics from old town and some pics of city centre ! :)
sign on the side of the underground crossing in Tallinn city centre, weirdly all of the signs were full of stickers and stuff ;)

radisson without the cheat...

tornimäe reflecting from Union ;)

city plaza.. about to topple... (hope not)

from the gates of Old town... the streets are packed of tourists...

got to love these defense turrets!

there alot of them!

some graffity in old town...

taking a shot into the sun... mystical narrow streets of old town

me (taking photo) and some of my Goth friends... they kinda fit in the old town :D

Finnish power... these guys deserve a flag at toompea..!

the unknown church.. its actually the second tallest building in Tallinn atm... Nigulise Church. The top at 105m...!

cute defense tower on a gate leading to a platform offering mag views of Tallinn ;)

more defense Towers!

Taking a break.. Tallinn Style!

we rule the skies.. this is the strongest defense tower on the baltic shores... gediminas tower.. look out... also.. the skyline is not that bad

Niguliste chuch

radisson closeup... lavish

you must have seen this a trillion times 

for an outsider... this must be something mystical and weird and so on... for the average skyscraper lover like you and me it Radisson ;)

Museum of Occupation... not just a piece of Great architecture, it has the signs of occupation, old lenin statues, weapons and remrants from the soviet Era are stored inside for everyones viewing!

a building from the I republic.. i love this, a great corner building...the trend would have continued if soviets had not occupied!

road leading to toompea

St.Charles Church

in a tram! :D

hope you got some new perspectives of Tallinn... coz as you see im running out of Ideas of what to take pics of!

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and this one maked me confused; didn't realize that the church is over 2 (nearly )3 times higher than those highrises in the background, or is it just an illusion ? :D:D:D

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Superb shots. Love the defense towers.
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