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TAMPA | Madison Heights | 7 Stories | 80 Units | recently complete

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Not terrible, I guess, could be a lot worse in terms of density. Tough to tell if it has ground level retail, lets hope it does.

TAMPA-Downtown Tampa’s apartment boom is growing even stronger, with new plans for an 80-unit apartment building for low-income seniors.

American Realty Development of Maitland hopes to break ground next month on a seven-story apartment project on North Florida Avenue, just north of Fortune Street. Named Madison Heights, it will be across from the Marion Transit Center at the north end of downtown.

Plans call for 80 one- and two-bedroom apartments above a first-floor parking area, American Realty manager Patrick Law said. Would-be residents must be 55 and older and meet income requirements based on Hillsborough County’s median household income.

Rent will run from $275 to $674 a month. His company is financing the $15 million construction cost with a mix of government tax credits and a loan from PNC Bank. He hopes to finish construction by the summer of 2014.

Given the retirement of millions of Baby Boomers, Law expects to have little trouble filling the units.

“We’re in Florida, are you kidding me?” he said.

Downtown Tampa is seeing a surge of apartment development recently, with at least five developers planning luxury apartment towers offering rents starting at $1,000 a month and going above $2,000.

Fewer are targeting the low-income or seniors, but those sectors have shown signs of life lately. The master-planned Encore community built a seven-story, affordable senior apartment building called The Ella along Scott Street in northeast downtown.

And, a development firm called Sage Partners renovated the old Methodist Place Apartments on Harrison Street and turned it into an affordable senior apartment project called Vista 400.
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click on the link that Smiley put here about four posts up.
Here are a couple pictures of the site..

Which road will the 7 story side be facing??

<a href="[email protected]/9632502094/" title="DSC_2296 by andrewspics2012, on Flickr"><img src="" width="1024" height="681" alt="DSC_2296"></a>

<a href="[email protected]/9632501104/" title="DSC_2298 by andrewspics2012, on Flickr"><img src="" width="1024" height="681" alt="DSC_2298"></a>
I don't know why, I just keep forseeing myself looking at this property in 20 years in disrepair. I've seem similiar projects in other cities that were built in the early 90's that have not faired well over the last two decades. Just a feeling I get from the project.
I hear from residents that Vista 400, the property directly to the south, is quickly descending into this category. Mass exodus to Encore over the conditions.
I hear from residents that Vista 400, the property directly to the south, is quickly descending into this category. Mass exodus to Encore over the conditions.
Happens when you go cheap. I see Vista 400 being torn down and rebuilt with better use within 10 years. I hope the same can be said about this.
Perhaps it is not the best use for downtown but for the current surroundings and bustling 'transit station' its probably the best suited for now. Personally when going to NYC or Chicago, when your in the city, there are plenty of smaller 8 - 12 story buildings that are actually large out anywhere else. This allows some elbow room and views in between. Everyone wants retail but as a resident, I am not sure I would always want that on the ground floor, on a busy street for sure but here it would probably be a printing shop or another dead 'cafe'. Too bad it is taking so long for the north end to come together, you would think the Franklin Street north of Tyler would be further along in development by now.
5th floor now, with 2 to go!

Micky D's would have been a good fit if there would have been commercial/retail built on ground level..

DSC_2646 by andrewspics2012, on Flickr

DSC_2648 by andrewspics2012, on Flickr

DSC_2649 by andrewspics2012, on Flickr
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I really wish this building for workforce housing would have been taller. The need for affordable housing in downtown is needed and this would have been the perfect project close to mass transit. Any idea why they don't just build higher on the same footprint?
^Zoning doesn't require it, they got the land cheap, so they can afford to do a cheap, squatty building and still walk away with big profit.
^Zoning doesn't require it, they got the land cheap, so they can afford to do a cheap, squatty building and still walk away with big profit.
I would think they would turn a much higher profit with more units? Being that they're targeting "affordable" housing, the demand should be there. Just dislike seeing these lots filling up with squatty buildings. The prime lots closer to the river and in the CBD will no doubt be built with tall towers but once these relatively cheap lots are gone, you will never see the mix of incomes downtown will need to truly diversify.
What I like about this project is that it adds life to northern downtown. There are too many vacant buildings and empty streets.

With the new bus terminal, new occupied buildings and the Encore / Tampa Heights projects, there is a much better chance that this area ( Franklin Street North will become a small piece of Manhattan someday.
It's going to be more attractive than Metro 510, but still not what one would hope for next to the only thing we have that resembles a transit hub.
Nice looking building regardless, it will be good to see it finished.

Hopefully this area will see much more development soon.
i would have thrown a 2nd color of paint on the architectural features, just to make them pop a bit, but it's not a bad looking building at all.

Just shitty planning on the part of the city, but that's not the developer's fault.
I would not be surprised to see to added color, looks like they have the base still going down in this picture with one side still not primed.

Is there a rendering that might show something different than a solid color?
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