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TAMPA | Parking Lots near the Straz Center | Unknown Development (Possibly Residential)

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This may need to be moved but I'm not sure where to put it. Not the greatest proposal but better than surface parking.
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This should get its own thread.

I was excited when I saw the title in the trib but then I read four-five stories and was disgusted and shocked. The city should no way allow this! We don't need plywood valley in the heart of DT. This SUCKS!!!
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Well this makes me fell a little better.

And the city needs to make a minimum height requirement in this area as well as all of DT so these cheap ass developers have to build higher requiring concrete/steel construction vs. cheap minimal 4-5 story plywood.
Land broker disputes reports of apartment deal near Straz Center for the Performing Arts
I disagree. Horizontal 3-4-5 story apartments in DT take up too much valuable land & belong in the suburbs. I do agree that the area should get mid-rise developments like 8-10-12 stories and maybe another high rise (20-30) apartment or condo tower.
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I've had somewhat good luck with getting responses from the mayor's assistant and council members.
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