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TANTA | Downtown Delta | Mixed-use | L.E. 6bn | 2020 | U/C

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Downtown Delta

Stemming from an inspirational government initiative which seeks to purpose plots of land owned by the government into large scale, multi-use projects through ambitious investors and master developers, Downtown Delta is under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection. Vernbro Global Investors have been afforded the Right of Use for the land for 75 years.

A real estate development that is nothing short of an edifice, Downtown Delta was ambitiously conceptualised to leapfrog the Egyptian Delta into an international commercial hub. Planned to embody a monument on these industrially fertile lands, this mixed-use masterpiece promises to bountifully surge this nation’s economy and modernise its offerings to surpass some of the world’s most progressive cities.

Downtown Delta is located in the province of Tanta, at the heart of its lush Delta. The project offers the world a new and highly advanced commercial and logistics hub that will revolutionise the entire region’s status and place it at the centre of the world’s attention.​
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Downtown Delta: Tanta's First Large-Scale Commercial and Logistical Project to Open in 2020 - LINK

On a 340,000 square metre land plot the strategically-located Northern Tanta City, a massive logistical and commercial project is currently underway to set a precedent in terms of the scale of investment in the otherwise neglected area. The foundation stone of Downtown Delta was recently laid by Egypt's Minister of Internal Trade Aly El-Mesehy and Gharbeya's Governor Ahmed Deif Sakr, Al Mal reported on Monday


The project, which aims at tearing down the centralisation of opportunity and investment in the larger metropolitan areas of Cairo and Alexandria, is being undertaken by Vernbro Global Investment, which announced it will see the light by 2020. "We believe the future of investment in Egypt lies outside of Cairo and Alexandria as these areas need our attention and services the most," Vernbro's Board Director Ashraf Dos says to Al Mal. "We aim to set this project as an example for all Egyptian governorates to help develop them and elevate the living standards of their citizens."​
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