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Part I

We'll deal with the town's main park (Jardin Massey) as well as the cathedral area (La Sède).

We stopped in Verdun Square, let's head North.

Rue Colomès :

We enter the town's main park with a statue of Placide Massey :

The orangery :

The Museum :

Working-class streets surounding the park as we leave the centre-town :

Quite beautiful in its utter ugliness :

Avenue du Maréchal Joffre :

The road to Bordeaux :

Let's come back South towards the cathedral area :

This would lead us back to Verdun Square but let's head West :

Marshal Foch was born in that house :

The lyceum :

We finally reach the very humble Cathedral : La Sède

The Hospital :

The Préfecture and the Departemental Council :

Behind ...

We reach Cours de Reffye : end of Part II.
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