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We stopped at Cours de Reffye :

Rue Soult :

Rue de l'Harmonie :

Cours Gambetta :

Brauhaban :

The Memorial to the Holocaust :

The Garrison House with the Pyrenees that can be guessed :

Rue du 4 Septembre looks like a peripheral boulevard that encircles the town : it leads to where we began our tour.

As the town gets more residential, red bricks appear :

Tarbes from the backyard :

A remnant of vernacular architecture :

Coming back to Place du Foirail :

Let's go to the Adour river now separated from the rest of the town by a bypass :

A mosque is being built :

End of the tour. As I come back to Béarn, I have to go through a great commercial zone again (see map in Part I) with the Collegial of Ibos dominating the plain.

The village of Ger welcomes be to Béarn :
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