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TARPON SPRINGS | Sponge Docks Redevelopment

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Decided to create a separate discussion regarding the now-failed Spong Docks redevelopment, which some are calling as incompetent as the failed Lens. Story:

Though I've never been to the Sponge Docks, I've heard a lot about it, including how much residents care about the businesses there. I'd like to know what everyone here thinks about all this and what should be done.
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This is the same mentality as those who appose the new Clearwater Aquarium. Most of them are the new condo owners in the high rise next to City Hall, the spot where the new aquarium would go.

They are not only new and don't care about what was demolished for their highrise to be built ( The oldest most historic building in Clearwater, Calvary Baptist Mediterranean style church ) or even care to know.

You would think they would want something new and bustling with people but instead they cry about the added traffic and noise potentials.

Another similar example is the Residences at Riverwalk ( Straz or Starz lol ) that is apposed by condo owners at Skypoint....

Many of them are not even full time residents!
My question is always the same... why does the community treat these self concerned assholes as if they are the one and only people in the community whose values and concerns are worthy of consideration?

And the govt "leaders" appease them over and over and over, no matter how wrong they're proven to be.
My guess is, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Most people don't seem to concern themselves with topics in this forum, that is one reason I enjoy coming here since most people I know share little interest in this. They are oblivious to the development around them and if they are neutral or on board with the plan, rarely do anything in support of it, especially if it involves any effort. It seems so crazy to not care about your surroundings.

The NIMBY's as they are referred to here, are the only ones motivated by what ever nonsensical thoughts going on in their heads or bestowed to them by the others already against it.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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