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Tashkent - Uzbekistan

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Just wanted to post some pics from the Uzbek capital!

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The Tashkent TV-Tower in the background

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Nice photos..Thanks for sharing...
Nice pics! Armenia, Khasakistan, Usbeskistan, and others ancients soviets republics proving that they aren´t that poor thing that western media "sell" to us!

Beautyfull cities, beautyfull countries beautyfull people! :)

Have a nice day and bye!
Looks typically Central-Asian, post-Soviet
It looks great. I will visit this city next summer!:cheers:
A beautifull city. But I've seen better pics.
Looks really good, although it has the Soviet era TV tower.

But thanks for sharing it with us nonetheless. :)
Dr. Dubai said:
It looks great. I will visit this city next summer!:cheers:
don't forget to take a lot of pics ;)
Do you have any pictures of Samarkand? I was there when i was 10
Looks very islamic! Someone have got more photos??
wow....l'd like to get there !!!
a pleasant surprise!

this is a pleasant surprise! i like it. :)
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